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Enroll Now: Bring Reiki to Life!

Reiki Revival 2022 is a Centennial Celebration for the 100th birthday of Reiki, and I can think of no better way to kick it off than with Bring Reiki to Life, the original Reiki practice program that provides you with all the support you need for a daily Reiki practice that sustains your wellbeing, helps you heal from illness or illness, reduces stress, relieves pain, strengthens your intuition and spiritual connection, increases mental clarity and emotional resilience, and gives you a practical skill set for helping yourself and others.

Whether you've new to Reiki or already taken Reiki training, you will benefit from this one-room-schoolhouse style virtual classroom where everyone has something to contribute and to learn from one another, besides the robust curriculum and supporting materials I've created from my 14 years experience with Reiki, especially influenced and inspired by the gaps in support I see in some other teaching methods and the frustration of many Reiki students who never develop an effective practice or confidence in their ability as Reiki practitioners.

The brand new Reiki Practice Playbook is an interactive guide to creating your own best personal Reiki practice that will grow and change as your practice evolves and as your life changes. It's created on the framework of a Google spreadsheet but it won't look like a spreadsheet to you! It's a beautiful work of art with helpful information, prompts that align with the lessons in class and plenty of room for you to play with the elements of your own emerging and evolving Reiki wellness practice, including your Reiki RoadMap and Practice Guide, which will be automatically filled in as you journey through the Stepping Stones, adding your own input for personalized results that support you in achieving your goals and manifesting your intentions. Then you'll track your progress with a daily practice chart for each month, and an automatic comparison between your goals and your actual practice, so you can adjust as needed.

Bring Reiki to Life is all online so you can access it from anywhere, with everything but the live class available 24/7, including recordings of the classes. Don't worry if you don't feel tech savvy, I enjoy helping people get comfortable with the basic platforms we'll be using, including Zoom, Google Drive and Sheets, and an online group hosted on the Essential Arts website. If you have not experienced a Reiki session or Attunement, these will be provided virtually as well, when you select the appropriate package.

The Bring Reiki to Life Group is safe, private and open only to Bring Reiki to Life students. It's not part of any mainstream social media so there are no ads or other distractions, no mining of your personal data. It's a place where we can continue learning and sharing between classes and even after, where all members can post comments, questions, even photos and videos, and respond to each other. I'll post class recordings and other materials here and address questions and issues of interest.

This is how we create the New Renaissance, a mindful movement of integrity, intention and inspired action to manifest a world where all can flourish together. We begin with self-care, and we keep learning and healing, helping one another, unleashing our creativity and honoring our individual uniqueness, in compassionate cooperation.

Get started right now by enrolling in Bring Reiki to Life and start enjoying your best personal practice for Optimal Wellness and Success every day.


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