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Welcome to the

Essential Art of Reiki

virtual healing arts school & clinic

Let's create your best personal Optimal Wellness practice with
new Reiki healing, training and coaching programs

Why Reiki?

Having explored many other healing and spiritual traditions, Reiki is the most complete, accessible and powerful holistic system I've found, the one I've practiced faithfully every day for years, and chosen as my dedicated professional path.  ​

Now I'm excited to help you flourish

awakens your superpowers, unleashing your Optimal Wellness & Success

Yes, you have superpowers like healing, intuition, creative inspiration, Divine guidance, the ability to balance sensitivity and protection - and more!

Reiki is our natural healing ability, enhanced.

Reiki is a form of transcendent meditation
that can be effectively shared in person or virtually.

Reiki is a complementary healing and wellness support service
offered at many hospitals and private practices.


Reiki is a holistic personal practice to relieve pain, anxiety and other discomfort, and to promote relaxation, healing and general wellbeing. 

If you . . .

Reiki training . . . 

... has been a beautiful journey of learning how to help myself feel centered, peaceful, and come to find answers to questions pressing on my heart and mind.

Hillary L.


Reiki Is Holistic & Complimentary

Reiki is compatible with any other medical or healing technique.  It cannot interfere with medicine, bandages, physical therapy, surgery or other treatments, and in fact, can only enhance their efficacy.  Reiki is not guaranteed to instantly cure any or all ills, but can always add a sense of calm and comfort, and will generally help relieve pain and accelerate healing by supporting the body's, and the mind's, own natural healing systems.

Reiki is frequently used along with massage, physical therapy, psychotherapy, even chemotherapy, and just about any healing modality or medical practice you can think of.  Mothers in labor appreciate the calm support and relaxation that helps minimize pain.  Hospice patients at the end of life find comfort and peace in their passing.  Reiki can often make headaches manageable while waiting for pain medication to take effect, may replace medication altogether, and can offer relief from anxiety.  Reiki is a powerful tool for any medical professional or healing practitioner from nursing staff to doctors to support staff.

Reiki is similar to other spiritual and energy healing techniques such as therapeutic touch, Spiritualist healing, polarity therapy,, shamanic healing, or healing prayer, yet is unique in the way it is taught and practiced, and in the way it works without draining the practitioner's energy or transmitting the illness or anxiety from the recipient to the practitioner as some other healing techniques can.  Reiki can also be a spiritual path, and even a beautiful way of life.

Reiki Is Affordable


Reiki returns incredible value for every dollar and every moment spent.  While Reiki does not claim to cure COVID-19 or any other condition, it can help everyone achieve and maintain their Optimal Wellness at any time, and help us help each other.

This is a crucial time to use every possible effective resource for self-care, and Reiki is one of the most effective with the least risk.  To begin with, it's relaxing, and relaxation has a deeply empowering effect on our immune systems, but it's so much more than that.

When we are stressed, our nervous system is overstimulated and we may feel overwhelmed, which strains our other systems and can even shut them down.  This is how the fight-or-flight response works.  When we're upset or afraid, for instance, digestion slows or halts so we'll be ready to run away or face an enemy.  Another automatic response is to freeze or hide, but this isn't true relaxation, even if we're immobilized.

Relaxation and safety are necessary for our healing systems to function at their best.  While this pandemic situation isn't exactly safe, we can learn to create a more relaxed state deliberately, but it's hard to do this by ourselves.  We need support, especially in times like this, to trigger the helpful tend-and-befriend, or rest-and-relax physiological responses instead of the fight-or-flight instincts.  

Reiki provides opportunities for both personal practice and shared wellness support.  Even a few sessions can begin to teach your mind and body to create habits of calm and relaxation, and enhance your own relaxation practice.  

Compare the modest price of receiving the support you need to the crushing costs of illness and stress, as well as your quality of life, and make the investment that's right for you.

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I'm Dawn Hancy

Reiki healing arts provider, teacher and coach, I love sharing my passion for Reiki and helping people like you awaken your own unique superpowers!  I look forward to connecting with you soon, so click the button below to schedule a chat to help you discover your best path to Optimal Wellness and Success.

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