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Welcome ... breathe in the beauty of these images ... my first gift to you as we begin our journey together through this sacred season of darkness transforming into light.

Now enter into the most relaxing and rejuvenating holiday season you've ever known

as I invite you to envision ...

... your peaceful strength as a quiet center in the swirl of holiday busyness and excitement

... celebrating authentically through your unique beauty and creativity

... being there for others while remaining strong, healthy and comfortable

... expanding your generosity, gratitude, prosperity and power, naturally and easily

... living and sharing your own deepest reasons for this profound Season

... bringing 2017 to a gentle and joyful close, welcoming the new year with hope and vitality

Calm & Confident Holiday Wellness

with Dawn Hancy, Reiki Master at Essential Arts Reiki

This is the moment for you to cultivate

in your own Customized Reiki & Personal Wellness Package

in my Calm & Confident Holiday Wellness Blog

in a virtual circle where we

celebrate ourselves & each other


You can look back on the holidays with a sigh of relief & a sense of accomplishment 

counting the unpleasant episodes you thwarted with your wise, gentle demeanor,

honoring the many people touched by your loving presence,

reveling in vibrant health and honest appreciation for yourself,

and celebrating with friends who have shared your adventure.

You'll be able to start the new year with vision and confidence

carrying forward the healthy and uplifting practices you've cultivated,

trusting that your growth and success will only continue to unfold,

embracing new opportunities to serve and prosper by sharing your gifts with others,

unwrapping not only a new calendar but a joyous new chapter in your evolution.

"My first Reiki experience ever was a distance session with Dawn.  It was beautiful, enlightening, and peaceful.  As I listened to her speak of her own experience during our Reiki session, I was in awe.  I felt as if she had been standing beside me, or looking through my own mind's eye.  As I have continued to work with Dawn, I have had many marvelous Reiki sessions (in person and distance).  And I have learned so much about myself."

Hillary J. Leicher

Reiki Soothes & Energizes

Personal Wellness Guidance Empowers Your Holiday Vision

Here's what the Cleveland Clinic has to say about Reiki:

"Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-invasive form of natural hands-on, energy-based healing."

"A Reiki treatment adapts to the needs of the recipient and may:

  • Initiate the feeling of security, peace and wellness

  • Bring a peaceful, deep relaxation

  • Dissolve energy blockages and tension, thereby reducing stress

  • Support the well-being of the client who is receiving medical treatments

  • Stimulate the body’s immune system

  • Help to relieve pain

  • Stimulate tissue and bone healing after injury or surgery

  • Help meditative states

  • Promote natural self-healing"

by providing one-on-one support through

  • Caring witness and validation of your unique experience.

  • Non-judgmental acceptance of your challenges as opportunities for growth and change.

  • Suggestions from an experienced practitioner of mindfulness, healing, ritual and other wellness practices.

  • Perspective cultivated by sharing your journey week after week as it unfolds.

  • Compassionate accountability with a mentor who believes in your success and innate wonderful wellness.

  • Spiritual support, whether you follow a traditional or an eclectic path, or wish to create one for yourself.

  • Recommendations for resources beyond the scope of this program.

  • Help in crafting your next steps in the new year.

"I have been receiving monthly Reiki sessions from Dawn for the past year.  I am a Craniosacral and Polarity Therapist myself and find her work to be very beneficial in promoting greater range of movement, freedom from congestion, and a lighter sense of being aware.  I would recommend her work to anyone."

Richard W. Crandall MA, LCMHC, LADC, RCST, PTP

6 weekly 90-minute in-person sessions combining
  • hands-on Reiki energy healing support focusing on your major energy centers and any areas of pain or needing attention 
  • knowledgable, caring guidance in cultivating your own Holiday Wellness Practice based on your objectives and intentions
  • tools and templates for naturally evolving and integrating your mind, body, heart, and soul
  • email check-ins between session as needed - I am here to support you
  • automatic enrollment in the Calm & Confident Holiday Wellness Online Circle with daily inspirational updates 
  • 3 beautiful, inviting, convenient Essential Arts Reiki Studio locations in Norwich, Randolph and Vershire, Vermont
The best investment you'll make this year for $597!
Enroll now or contact Dawn for a free consultation
6 weekly 60-minute sessions combining
  • remote Reiki energy healing support focusing on your major energy centers and any areas of pain or needing attention 
  • knowledgable, caring guidance in cultivating your Holiday Wellness Practice based on your objectives and intentions via online video calls, telephone or email support - whichever works best for you
  • tools and templates for naturally evolving and integrating your mind, body, heart, and soul
  • email check-ins between session as needed - I am here to support you
  • automatic enrollment in the Calm & Confident Holiday Wellness Online Circle with daily inspirational updates
  • available wherever you are - with remote Reiki there is literally no limit to our ability to connect and work together for your greatest well-being!
Your best investment if it's not convenient to travel to an Essential Arts Reiki location for $347!
Enroll now or contact Dawn for a free consultation

Calm & Confident Holiday Wellness Packages


In-person & Distance Reiki in a Nutshell:

The Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine & Digestive Center describes in-person and distance Reiki this way:


"Reiki is a very specific form of energy healing, in which hands are placed just off the body or lightly touching the body, as in 'laying on of hands.' Reiki can also be done 'long-distance,' as a form of prayer.


"In a Reiki session, the practitioner is seeking to transmit Universal Life Energy to the client. The intention is to create deep relaxation, to help speed healing, reduce pain, and decrease other symptoms you may be experiencing."

Breathe ... and envision the possibilities arising ...

Aren't they beautiful?

The Calm & Confident Holiday Wellness Facebook Circle is a welcoming, heart-centered online community where you can ...

  • Follow the fun daily posts from my own Holiday Wellness Practice, and add your own - I can't wait to see them!

  • Visit any time day or night for a feeling of connection or inspiration, ask a question or find an uplifting image.

  • Feel comfortable sharing authentically in a closed group of companions on the journey who are committed to confidentiality and respect.

  • Enjoy the support of others near and far who share your desire for peace and personal growth in this very powerful, beautiful and sometimes challenging time.

  • Learn from one another how we each use our own gifts and experiences to deepen our enjoyment of both the activity and stillness in our lives.

  • Feel the profound support of a chosen family, allowing us to both engage and detach from those around us in healthy ways, ultimately enriching all our relationships by providing safe space to explore authentically.

  • Join any time, and share the invitation with your friends, whether enrolled in a Calm & Confident Holiday Wellness Package or not as this online community is open to all who are committed to loving mutual support.

And even better when shared with friends!

Facebook Group

Here I'll be diving deeper and sharing strategies, stories and tools with you from my own ever-evolving journey through the season, starting with my "Calm & Confident Holiday Wellness Checklist," followed by a bit of an interesting twist ...

The Calm & Confident Holiday Wellness Blog
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Holiday Wellness Practice?

Your ​Holiday Wellness Practice is essentially your chosen experience of this holiday season.  Together we will identify your wellness objectives and some activities, choices and perspectives that can support your desired outcomes and experiences.  These can include meditation, visualization and affirmations, communication techniques, strategies for responding to challenging situations, breathing and movement, resource recommendations and more, tailored to your needs, desires and abilities.

Do I need any meditation experience, a vegetarian diet or other specific wellness practices?

Not at all.  Anyone can either begin or advance their wellness practices at any time.  We will customize our work together to suit your goals and abilities.​

Do I need to follow any particular spiritual path?​

It is entirely up to you.  You are not required to belong to any tradition or group, though you certainly may.  This work can enhance, deepen and clarify your spiritual path.

Can you guarantee my results?​

You are the one directing your experience and I will support you with Reiki healing energy and personal guidance, but I cannot choose or predict your outcomes, nor would this be ethical.  I respect your free will and the innate wisdom of your body and your being.  We co-create this program together with the shared intention of your greatest well-being.​

Do I need to pay the entire cost at once or can I pay in installments?

Your full pre-payment energetically anchors your commitment to yourself as well as confirming your scheduled sessions​ and freeing our attention to focus on our work together, so I do not offer any payment plans.  However, Paypal does offer a credit option with no payments for 6 months.

Are there any refund options?​

Refunds are not available for these packages, though you can re-schedule if you notify me of changes at least 24 hours in advance.

Get Started Now!

Treating yourself with love and honor is the best gift you can give the world

so here's how you can get started now !

To schedule your Complimentary Consultation or register now
for a Calm & Confident Holiday Wellness Package:
call Dawn at 802-685-7752 or click here to email.
Still not sure?  Just click the image of the present below to start with a free introduction to your Calm & Confident Holiday Wellness Vision to help you decide, and feel good about whatever you choose to do - it's my gift to you.
I'm grateful for your visit to this page and for your interest in bringing forth your own beautiful gifts.

Hello, I'm Dawn Hancy,

Reiki Master and founder of Essential Arts Reiki.


One of my greatest joys is seeing people light up with wonder when they first experience the sublime sensation of Reiki energy, another is synergistically supporting people in their healing and personal evolution, and still another is connecting people I know who can mutually benefit one another.  I am so excited to be able to do all three of those things right now in service to an even greater dream of mine: transforming our world by awakening the natural healing and magic that live within each of us - and I can think of no better moment than this to embrace that challenge!


I have been studying and practicing Usui Reiki since 2009, and I continue to learn more every day from other members of the Reiki community, books, websites, events, my clients and my own self-practice.  I am a member of the Vermont Reiki Association and Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.  I look forward to completing my teacher training early next year, and being able to offer a Level 1 Reiki class subsequently.

I am also a volunteer chaplain at Gifford Medical Center, as well as offering Reiki there; a volunteer offering Reiki and advocacy support at WISE, a domestic and sexual violence center; and a Reiki hospice volunteer with Bayada.


Here are a few more quick details about me.  I am formerly a librarian and home school mom, small-scale farmer and food producer, choral singer and community organizer.  I offer a free camp workshop each summer called Horse Sense where kids learn to use all six senses to safely enjoy being with horses, including those who have been rescued from abuse and neglect, retired race horses, and working horses.  I regularly attend Vision of Light Church of Spiritualism and Healing, and I've found spiritual community at various times in Unitarian Universalist congregations, Wiccan and Druid circles, Christian churches, Buddhist gatherings, and interfaith Earth ministry.

I look forward to a chat with you about how to make your holiday season a more joyous and peaceful celebration through the end of this year and on into 2018.  Please contact me with any questions or to schedule a free consultation.

Wishing you a Calm & Confident holiday season!

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