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Welcome ... breathe in the beauty of these images ... my first gift to you as we begin our journey together through this sacred season of darkness transforming into light.

Now enter into the most relaxing and rejuvenating holiday season you've ever known

as I invite you to envision ...

... your peaceful strength as a quiet center in the swirl of holiday busyness and excitement

... celebrating authentically through your unique beauty and creativity

... being there for others while remaining strong, healthy and comfortable

... expanding your generosity, gratitude, prosperity and power, naturally and easily

... living and sharing your own deepest reasons for this profound Season

... bringing 2017 to a gentle and joyful close, welcoming the new year with hope and vitality

Calm & Confident Holiday Wellness

with Dawn Hancy, Reiki Master at Essential Arts Reiki

This is the moment for you to cultivate

in your own Customized Reiki & Personal Wellness Package

in my Calm & Confident