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Reiki Healing & Wellness Support

Unleash your Optimal Wellbeing with the gentle power of Reiki healing sessions

Whether you're on a deep healing journey, ready for a special treat or seeking a personal wellness practice, this is the perfect place to start.  All options include a combination of Virtual Reiki Deep Healing and natural relaxation coaching that suits your individual needs.


Everyone can benefit from Reiki, including

  • people with chronic conditions or acute illness or injury

  • people in recovery or struggling with addictions

  • couples, parents and families of all kinds

  • caregivers, teachers, helping professionals, community volunteers, clergy

  • healing arts practitioners in other modalities

  • people of any age and health condition

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Common reasons people use Reiki include

  • relief from pain, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia

  • preventing, preparing for and recovering from illness, injury, surgery and other crises

  • managing chronic conditions

  • mental alertness, concentration, creative inspiration, emotional balance, sensitivity and strength

  • developing intuition, spiritual connection and guidance, life purpose

  • supporting holistic wellbeing as a way of life

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Your Virtual Reiki Session

We'll start with a video chat, then you'll get settled comfortably so you can relax deeply, and I'll guide you into a relaxed state and through the session, usually while we remain connected online.

You don't need any previous meditation experience to receive Virtual Reiki, though it can help you learn to meditate or improve your practice.

People sometimes feel sensations of warmth as though healing hands are present, pain and tension can be relieved to any degree, insights may arise, and a general sense of uplifting relaxation and wellbeing are common.  Some have told me they slept better after their Virtual Reiki session than they had in years.  Your body and mind are unique, and their wisdom will guide your experience and the results of your session.

It is common for clients to have questions or notice their experiences after a Reiki treatment, as the process continues beyond the duration of the session, and it is your own healing systems that are stimulated.  I'm always happy to hear about your experience and discuss next steps for your journey of optimal wellness.

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Virtual Reiki Deep Healing Session

Special treat

Awaken your natural healing systems with the luxurious relaxation of a Virtual Reiki Deep Healing Session.  Your 1-hour session will begin and end with check-in to answer your questions and listen to your desires for the session.  You'll also complete a wellbeing assessment before and after your session, for a complete co-creative process that centers you and your wellness goals.  Sessions will take place via Zoom, including guided meditation through your Reiki treatment, practices for you to enjoy after your session, and further recommendations for achieving your Optimal Wellness & Success.

When you get a taste of the delightful sensations of Reiki healing, you may want to progress to the 3-Session Package or a membership option to provide you with a lasting foundation and surround you with Reiki healing and personal growth support.

$97 regular price

Enroll and schedule your Special Session

Rock Balancing
3-Session Healing Package

Deeper healing

One session is generally not enough to clear up persistent symptoms and conditions or to achieve broader wellness goals, so a 3-session package will establish a foundation of wellness support, actually teaching your body to learn to relax - something that does not come naturally to many of us these days.  You'll schedule your 3 Virtual Reiki Deep Healing sessions any time within three months of purchasing your package, so you have the flexibility of choosing weekly or monthly sessions, or your own custom scheduling.  You can even renew your 3-session package for regular monthly support through all the seasons of year.

Any time you feel you need a bit of extra support or an extra treat, just add a Special Session and schedule it at your convenience as well, or upgrade to Optimal Wellness for twice monthly support to deepen healing and build resilience, with added bonus sessions throughout the year.

$247 regular price 

Enroll your 3-Session Package

Outdoor Fitness
Optimal Wellness Membership

Ongoing support

Twice monthly Virtual Reiki Deep Healing sessions with added bonus sessions several times a year will provide the ongoing support you need for healing and resilience, adapting to life's ups and downs, the changing seasons and your own evolving Optimal Wellness.

You'll choose a day and time that works for you, with regular sessions on the 2nd and 4th occurrences of that day each month, as well as a bonus session each month with a 5th occurrence of your day.  Rescheduling to your off-weeks is easy because I'll always hold that dedicated day and time open for you.  You'll also use the same custom Zoom link each time, so you can save it in a convenient place and never have to worry about finding a new link, though I can resend it to you at any time you need, and even provide tips for making it easy for you to connect.  A 3-month commitment ensures your access to these personalized features and conditions your. mind and body to expect improvement over time.

You can always add another Special Session or even a 3-Session Package any time you feel you need additional support, since life sometimes serves us a second helping of challenge, and even welcome changes can bring their own stress, so you'll know you can weather whatever comes your way with support and personal growth.  You can also upgrade to the Concierge Unlimited membership for the most opportunities to connect with that deep, personal support and accelerate your holistic healing, learning and growth to achieve your optimal wellness and success.

$194 / month 

Enroll your Optimal Wellness Membership

Concierge Unlimited Membership

Best results

Choose this option whenever you feel you'll need frequent personalized support, whether through surgery or other medical treatment, recovery from an accident or illness, or a life transition such as childbirth, marriage, divorce, exams or graduation, a new job, career path or retirement, moving or relocating, mid-life or menopause, grieving a loss, or your new commitment to a healthy lifestyle, loving relationship or deep spiritual awakening.

While I'm not able to be available for you 24/7, you will have plenty of opportunity to schedule sessions that are convenient for you, including times outside my general calendar availability, and they can be as frequent as every day during periods of intensity in your life.  We will work together closely to craft a strategy and schedule that will best support your needs and goals, and we'll continue to adjust those as you progress or your needs change.

With this option you'll never need to pay for added sessions, and you are welcome to renew at the Concierge Unlimited level or shift to an Optimal Wellness monthly membership or other option at any time, truly giving you the greatest flexibility and most responsive range of options during these profoundly important and challenging moments in your life, whether they are joyful, stressful, or any combination.

$500 / month

Enroll your Concierge Unlimited Membership

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Still not sure?

Let's schedule a chat to help you discover the best path forward on your healing journey or personal development.

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