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Reiki Healing & Wellness Support

Unleash your Optimal Wellbeing with the gentle power of Reiki healing sessions

Whether you're on a deep healing journey, ready for a special treat or seeking a personal wellness practice, this is the perfect place to start.  All options include a combination of Virtual Reiki Deep Healing and natural relaxation coaching that suits your individual needs.


Everyone can benefit from Reiki, including

  • people with chronic conditions or acute illness or injury

  • people in recovery or struggling with addictions

  • couples, parents and families of all kinds

  • caregivers, teachers, helping professionals, community volunteers, clergy

  • healing arts practitioners in other modalities

  • people of any age and health condition

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Common reasons people use Reiki include

  • relief from pain, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia

  • preventing, preparing for and recovering from illness, injury, surgery and other crises

  • managing chronic conditions

  • mental alertness, concentration, creative inspiration, emotional balance, sensitivity and strength

  • developing intuition, spiritual connection and guidance, life purpose

  • supporting holistic wellbeing as a way of life

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Your Virtual Reiki Session

We'll start with a video chat, then you'll get settled comfortably so you can relax deeply, and I'll guide you into a relaxed state and through the session, usually while we remain connected online.

You don't need any previous meditation experience to receive Virtual Reiki, though it can help you learn to meditate or improve your practice.

People sometimes feel sensations of warmth as though healing hands are present, pain and tension can be relieved to any degree, insights may arise, and a general sense of uplifting relaxation and wellbeing are common.  Some have told me they slept better after their Virtual Reiki session than they had in years.  Your body and mind are unique, and their wisdom will guide your experience and the results of your session.

It is common for clients to have questions or notice their experiences after a Reiki treatment, as the process continues beyond the duration of the session, and it is your own healing systems that are stimulated.  I'm always happy to hear about your experience and discuss next steps for your journey of optimal wellness.

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Virtual Reiki Deep Healing Session

Special treat

Awaken your natural healing systems with the luxurious relaxation of a Virtual Reiki Deep Healing Session.  Your 1-hour session will begin and end with check-in to answer your questions and listen to your desires for the session.  You'll also complete a wellbeing assessment before and after your session, for a complete co-creative process that centers you and your wellness goals.  Sessions will take place via Zoom, including guided meditation through your Reiki treatment, practices for you to enjoy after your session, and further recommendations for achieving your Optimal Wellness & Success.

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