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Reiki Path & Practice Coaching

Choose your Path to
Optimal Wellness & Success

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Why Reiki Coaching?

While traditional Reiki training provides an attunement that awakens your natural healing and other abilities and teaches Reiki basics, it isn't enough to develop your most satisfying and successful practice.

Coaching provides the individual support and customized program to help you manifest your Reiki dreams whether you simply want to enjoy your highest quality of life, care for your family or bring Reiki to the world.

Which Reiki Path calls you?

I've created the Essential Arts Reiki Path & Practice Coaching program to help support each student and client in discovering and cultivating their own unique Reiki Path for their own Optimal Wellness and the satisfaction of being able to help others and serve their communities.

Click the category below or scroll down to browse descriptions and discover the Reiki Path that's right for you.  We'll co-create a customized coaching program that suits your needs and desires.

Purple Buds

Focus on a preventative wellness practice, relief from chronic conditions,  recovery from illness or injury, or spiritual growth with personalized Reiki practice coaching for your unique situation.


Field Trip in Nature


Enjoy preventative wellness care, support during tough times, and enhanced experience of marriage, childbirth and other family milestones with Reiki coaching designed to all families.

Buying Flowers

Volunteer in medical settings, Reiki share, Reiki clinics and other integrated care opportunities with specialized coaching in Reiki community care.


Massage Room


Whether providing Reiki healing sessions or teaching, you can be successful in business, and learn the skills and coaching you need beyond Reiki practice.

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