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Reiki Personal Practice Coaching

will help you

Bring Reiki to Life - in your life!

All Essential Art of Reiki coaching programs begin with the foundation of any successful Reiki Path: self-care practice.  This encompasses not only what you do during your dedicated Reiki time each day, but also the way you approach life and the skills, intentions and energies you bring to your family, clients, students, animal friends and even the structure and functioning of your Reiki Path.


A unique
Reiki Path & Practice
coaching program

Now you can finally make the most of your Reiki training, manifest those dreams that brought you to this remarkable healing practice and personal growth system, and move forward on your personal best Reiki Path.

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Know Thyself

Self-care & Reiki self-practice provide you with an ongoing, deepening, ever-unfolding relationship with Reiki, and even with yourself.  In any moment, your Reiki practice allows you to check in with yourself & become more aware of your energy level, thoughts, feelings and physical sensations to give you a baseline understanding of what's normal for you and how your experience in this moment compares to that from day to day, or even hour to hour.

In Bring Reiki to Life, you'll learn Lightning Bolt techniques to quickly scan and check in with yourself and your systems, giving you important information about your state of readiness and awareness at any time so you can adjust your expectations appropriately.  We're not at the top of our game all the time, that's impossible, and giving yourself some breathing room or permission to either scale down or ramp up according to your current capacity can help you make the most of the times when you're feeling calm, clear & energized and apply appropriate self-care, patience and compassion when you're feeling slower, less enthusiastic or struggling in some way.  These quick checkins build awareness and sensitivity and so you can even catch developing symptoms early and take care of yourself before they manifest in a full-blown illness, conflict or other problem.

Self-care practice really never stops, and its effects radiate from you to support others often in invisible ways.  You become an example of increasing wellness and happiness, and you silently offer others permission to care for themselves really well, validating their right to treat themselves kindly and deeply value good health and wellbeing.

Know Your Practice

Bringing Reiki to Life in your life also means you have a clear understanding of the system you practice and you're able to comfortably communicate with others about Reiki.  It can be hard to explain this invisible energy thing that just feels good!  But it is possible to describe it in language your audience will be able to understand, and this can change depending on who you're talking to.

It also feels more grounded and satisfying to understand the background of your tradition, how it works and how it's different from other traditions and practices.  You create a Reiki identity for yourself that blends harmoniously with your other identities, giving you more confidendence and clarity.  Once you've established your own basic practice, the door is open and you can go in any direction you like, expanding and focusing on what calls to you to experience, serve and create.

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Choose Your Path

All other paths emanate from basic mastery of Bring Reiki to Life self-care practice.  From this auspicious beginning, you can choose to either deepen your focus within this curriculum as its own advanced Path, or branch out into a more specialized form of self-care Reiki practice.

To begin, simply enroll in either of the basic Bring Reiki to Life coaching levels further down on this page.  At your first coaching session, we will co-create the specialized Path that best suits your needs and intentions, starting with the Bring Reiki to Life basics and tailoring the curriculum to your unique situation and goals.

Since this is not a class that requires you to complete a module each week or month, you can focus most on the areas that are most important to you and where you need the most support, spending as much time as you need on each area.  Here are a few examples:

Chronic Condition or Recovery from Illness/Injury Path hand positions for Reiki self-treatment you can reach most comfortably that bring relief to your persistent symptoms

Spiritual Growth Path - chanting the Reiki Precepts, meditating, working with the energy of the upper tanden or head/crown energy center and the middle tanden or heart energy center

Care for the Caregiver Path - time and energy management to help you create the time and space you need to care for yourself deeply

Navigating Life Events Path - time and energy management combined with contemplating the Reiki Precepts for stress relief

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing Path - calming and uplifting self-treatment positions combined with contemplating the Reiki Precepts for stress relief

Bring Reiki to Life
Reiki Path & Practice Coaching Packages include

Reiki Practice Coaching

Personalized Live Virtual Sessions

  • 2 one-hour sessions every month

    • plenty of support with time to practice​

  • Dedicated day and time just for you

    • no need to find a time for each session​

  • 3-4 bonus sessions per year

    • every month with 5 weeks on your day​

  • Easy rescheduling if you need it

    • same day & time, different week​
  • Dedicated secure Zoom link

    • no one else can access​ our meeting

Rich Resources

Wellspring of inspiration & information

  • Original Bring Reiki to Life core curriculum

    • uniquely designed for this program​

  • My 12+ years Reiki study, practice & teaching

    • I never stop learning!​

  • Essential Arts multi-media library

    • Reiki, healing, wellness, spirituality & more​

  • Additional material I have created

    • with more in progress even now​

  • My extensive Reiki community

    • network of teachers, mentors, colleagues​

Broad & Deep Support

You'll never feel alone on your Path

  • Up to 1 hour monthly email support

    • ask questions, share successes, challenges​

  • We'll co-create the perfect program together

    • your input is vitally important​

  • Personalized guidance & recommendations

    • throughout this program & beyond​

  • Virtual Essential Art of Reiki Community

    • not on the usual social media platforms​

  • Your initial 3-month commitment

    • YOU are your most crucial support person


Your best investment is in yourself!

  • 2 easy, secure online payment options

    • choose Stripe or PayPal​

  • Automatic monthly renewal

    • you can cancel any time​

  • Upgrade to Accelerated program any time

    • for faster results, more support​

  • Includes materials valued at over $200

    • plus more coming all the time at no cost​

  • Save $46 every month over standard rate

    • discount for your commitment​

Bring Reiki to Life
Coaching Packages

Select the option that best supports your goals, intentions and timeline. 


You are welcome to upgrade or downgrade your package at any time, whether during your initial 3-month commitment or after. 


Committing 3 months to establish your practice will yield lifelong results and allow you enough time to see significant progress and fell genuine accomplishment. 


During that season you'll get to know yourself and Reiki so much better, and we'll establish a supportive working relationship that will support you in your growth and be there for you in the future.

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Basic Level

All the features described above +

  • 2 one-hour sessions every month

    • plenty of support with time to practice​

  • 3-4 bonus sessions per year

    • every month with 5 weeks on your day​

  • Easy rescheduling when you need it

    • same day & time, different week​

  • Save $46 every month over standard rate

    • discount for your commitment​

  • Upgrade to Accelerator at any time

    • for faster results, more support​

$194 / month

Accelerator Level

All the features described above +

  • 4 one-hour sessions every month

    • weekly support with time to practice​

  • Exclusive scheduling options

    • availability outside my usual schedule

  • Save $135 every month over standard rate

    • discount for your commitment​

  • Downshift to Basic at any time

    • flexibility for your changing needs

$447 / month

Volcano Hiker


I'm excited to see where your Reiki Path will take you,
and I'm honored to be with you on the journey.

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