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Class starts July 11

Activate your natural  superpowers of healing, conscious evolution and lighting up your world with your unique spark!

BR2L is a new class for new and returning Reiki students who want real-life results from a dedicated personal practice that fits your lifestyle and Optimal Wellness & Success goals.

 Basic Reiki Training 
+ so much more 

Abundant Resources

Complete Curriculum

Library Bookshelves
  • Complete Reiki 1 curriculum

  • Brand new original Reiki Practice Playbook!

  • Multimedia materials for all learning styles

  • Recorded classes for ongoing access

  • Unique Bring Reiki to Life Library of Resources

Plenty of Help

Ongoing Support

Remote Team Meeting
  • One-on-one instructor support by email and individual consultation

  • Tech help to get comfortable with the online platforms used in this program

  • 8-week class format to allow time for practice, review and discussion

Easy Access

Convenient Format

Working Mother
  • Virtual classroom can be accessed from anywhere

  • Online library available 24/7

  • BR2L Practice Playbook for self-guided practice 

Shared Support

Exclusive Community

Group Calls
  • Online group just for members of the BR2L class

  • Group hosted on Essential Arts website, away from mainstream social media

  • No ads or data mining of group members

  • 24/7 access to group posts and materials

  • Post or view multimedia materials from any device

Mondays 6-7:30 pm EST
July 11 through August 29

Why do you need a robust Reiki practice?

Every day you can enjoy ...

Effective Practice

Look forward to your daily practice as your special time to feel good and do good things for yourself.

Amplify Your Experience

Put your previous training and experience in Reiki and other healing and spiritual arts into action as you finally manifest your desires and intentions.

Enhanced Healing Ability

Amplify your natural healing systems with daily relaxation, deeper intuition and spiritual connection, relieving stress and feeling more empowered.

Uplifting Energy

Deepend and expand your intuition and spiritual connection for guidance and discernment.

Healthy Self-Awareness

Enjoy greater understanding of your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and greater ability to stay healthy, prevent illness and treat conditions early by knowing your own body and mind through regular practice and attention.

Strong Support

Realize your dreams for Optimal Wellness & Success over time with ongoing support from a dedicated teacher and caring community, including technical help with online platforms.

Show Them How It's Done

Help others by helping yourself as you set a healthy example for those around you by practicing powerful self-care with Reiki as your foundation and center.

Where are you in your Reiki Journey?



Start your Reiki healing journey by enjoying a Reiki session and becoming familiar with the practice.



Activate your natural healing and other abilities with a special ritual attunement.



Learn the Essential Art of Reiki with Bring Reiki to Life: Live Virtual Class for all you need to know.



Treat yourself well every day with an enjoyable healing and prevention practice.



Discover your personal Reiki Path in life to help yourself and others, once you establish your practice.

Choose the Option that's Right for You!

Here's how:

If you've never experienced Reiki

Choose the Full BR2L Package

  • You'll start by receiving a Virtual Reiki Session, so you can relax and enjoy your maiden voyage with Reiki.

  • Then you'll receive your attunement so you can start to practice Reiki yourself.

  • In the class, you'll learn to create your own best personal Reiki practice.

If you've received a Reiki session

Choose the Basic BR2L Package

  • You've already experienced the healing relaxation of Reiki, so you're ready to learn.

  • You'll receive your attunement so you can start to practice Reiki yourself.

  • In the class, you'll learn to create your own best personal Reiki practice.

If you have been attuned to Reiki

Choose the BR2L Live Virtual Class

  • You've already experienced the healing relaxation of Reiki and received an attunement

  • Now you're ready to put your training into action, to review, and to learn more.

  • In the class, you'll learn to create your own best personal Reiki practice.


All levels include

  • Live Virtual Class, Mondays 6-7:30 pm EST, July 11-August 29
  • recording of class sessions for review or in case you miss any
  • Bring Reiki to Life Practice Playbook in electronic form
  • tech help with Zoom, Google Drive, Essential Arts Group and more
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