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Reiki is . . .

. . . simple and yet unlimited in its uses and experiences, rapidly becoming more popular and well-known around the world, though sometimes misunderstood or confused with other practices.

Even many students and practitioners of Reiki have a hard time describing or defining this unique experience and expression of human potential, precisely because it's so extraordinarily effective and accessible yet often quite subtle.

Here are a few reasons why. 
Reiki is . . .

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. . .

an empowering way of being

Reiki awakens your higher intelligence and talents, your unique gifts of intuition, healing, creativity, compassion, wisdom and more

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. . .

a convenient technique

Reiki requires no equipment or conspicuous motions or poses, making it versatile, portable, invisible

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. . .

a modern lifestyle

Reiki enhances your real life experiences without requiring a retreat or monastic way of life, suitable to fast-paced urban professionals, parents juggling multiple roles, students or retired adults


. . .

a sacred wisdom school

Reiki teaches us guidance for troubled times and ways to celebrate, showing us deeper meaning in our lives and deeper wisdom and value in ourselves

Mother and Daughter Meditating

. . .

a fulfilling way of life

Reiki infuses every aspect of life at the deepest levels once we immerse ourselves in daily practice, self-care, study and service

. . .

an effective healing art

Reiki stimulates our natural healing abilities, immunity, and parasympathetic nervous system

Blowing Flour

. . .

a holistic wellness system

Reiki supports every level of wellbeing - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, helping you attain your unique optimal wellness in any moment


. . .

a rewarding practice

Reiki becomes most effective when indulged in every day, building your skill, teaching your body to relax, and helping to maintain wellness and prevent illness and injury

Wellness Coach

. . .

a powerful tool

Reiki provides you with a gentle yet very powerful foundational practice, occasional treatment and ongoing therapy


. . .

a complementary therapy

Reiki combines easily with any other treatment or wellness approach from surgery and medication to massage and herbalism

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