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Reiki Training

Activate your superpowers!

Learning Reiki is a unique experience that combines sharing information with awakening your inner healing and other abilities instantly and permanently.

Essential Arts Reiki Training is especially unique because of its original curriculum and course structure that supports each student's best practice.

Have you always wished for superpowers like healing, compassion, intuition & deep relaxation?

Have you taken Reiki training but don't have a foundational daily practice?

Are you looking for ongoing practice & support rather than just a one-time workshop?

Are you seeking both the experience and understanding of the Reiki healing arts system?

Are you wondering if you have a Reiki Path in life that's waiting for you to discover?

An original course covering Reiki basics & beyond

Whether you're new to Reiki training or returning to refresh your mind and power up your skills, this 8-week course provides all you need to establish a successful and satisfying Reiki practice that will sustain and uplift you for years to come, and a foundation on which to create your unique Reiki Path in life.

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Essential Art of Reiki Students have learned . . .

". . . it is gratifying to do something for someone that they appreciate, but also feels good to yourself!"

Janet S.

How I Teach Reiki & Why

Evolutionary Education

Essential Arts Reiki training is an evolutionary step in the history of Reiki education with emphasis on guiding each student to develop a sustainable Reiki practice that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

I've met too many people to count who tell me they've had some Reiki training but still don't know how to do it, forgot what they learned, or don't feel confident in their ability, or are even confused about what it really is and how to use it.  This breaks my heart, but I'm excited to approach Reiki training differently, to really help my students make the most of their education and their natural talent.


Programs that offer one-time workshops may provide an overwhelming amount of information and variety of activities, even including travel to exotic places as part of the package.  While this may be exciting and enjoyable it may also leave students wondering what to do next once they return home, no closer to using the power of Reiki to solve the problems in their lives than they were before.

Instead, practical experience and sequential instruction will Bring Reiki to Life during an 8-week course that combines basic information about the history and technique of Reiki with plenty of time for practice, Q & A, companionship and personal support, and learning to apply the practical magic of Reiki in your life.

Healer, Heal Thyself

Bring Reiki to Life helps you build a foundation of self-practice, self-healing and self-discovery, which can be a complete path and practice for you, or you may choose to pursue another Reiki Path supporting the wellbeing of others. 


Some programs focus on how to give a Reiki session to someone else, but I feel your personal experience is the most valuable tool in your toolkit even when you feel called to share Reiki with others.  In Bring Reiki to Life, you'll build confidence and learn how to best approach sharing Reiki, and you'll receive personal guidance in discerning your best path forward beyond the basic self-practice training.

Practical Focus with Personal and Spiritual Growth

Bring Reiki to Life will help you open to your Higher abilities and also ground that expansion and inspiration in real life.  We'll blend knowledge and intuition, experience and understanding for a truly well-rounded Reiki education that leaves you feeling comfortable and clear on your practice and the system of Reiki.

You'll be clear on the core competencies you've learned and accomplished through study and practice, the basics that are critical to any successful Reiki practice.

My Teaching - and Learning - Style​ and Experience

In 3 years of teaching over 50 students, I've been grateful to bring the gift of Reiki education to a kids' summer camp, a Spiritualist church and a residential care home as well as teaching in my own studio and even online.  Anyone of any age can practice Reiki as my students range from 9 to in their 90s!

Besides helping others, I practice self-Reiki every day.  I also continue to receive Reiki and other holistic wellness support regularly.  I know I've got to care for myself well in order to help others.


And I always keep learning - that's how I created this original curriculum based on my experiences, observations, practice, research & listening to my students. 

Expanded Course Format​

Multiple levels of integrated support provide time, space and resources to develop a robust practice and understanding of Reiki, all conveniently accessible online from your preferred location.

The 8-week series allows ample opportunity to practice and develop skill between classes, and to bring any questions that arise to the next class,.  Personal email support from the instructor also available, and students receive an individual consultation at the end of the course, to help plot your best next steps on your unique Reiki Path.

Your class becomes a community of mutual support, with students connecting between classes as Study Buddies or more informally in an online network that's like a one-room schoolhouse where students can exchange ideas and explore together.

Essential Art of Reiki Training Programs

Why Learn Reiki?

The benefits are actually limitless!

Not only will you enjoy a great experience during the course, but you'll create a sustainable practice that supports your wellbeing every day as well as a foundation to build on in multiple potential directions and from which to deepen & discover your Reiki Path.

You'll establish supportive relationships with your classmates and other Essential Art of Reiki students of various training levels and Reiki experience.

You will activate a powerful gift within that you've carried with you all your life but which needs to be awakened by a Reiki Master Teacher, and which you can share with others to reduce suffering and improve the wellbeing of people you care about.

Once attuned, you can never lose your Reiki ability even if you stop practicing and forget all about it for years at a time - but I hope you don't!

You'll understand how energy healing works on multiple levels, developing not only your intellectual knowledge but also your ability to sense subtle physical and emotional cues in yourself and others, in alignment with the latest science of human energy fields and healing.

You'll open the door to heightened intuition, creativity, spiritual growth and connection with the Divine as well as greater emotional balance and improvement in your relationships.  There's no area of your life that Reiki can't bless with it healing touch!

Take a tour of the Bring Reiki to Life Class in the slide show below

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What's Included in the

Bring Reiki to Life Class?

  • Reiki Level 1 certification that shows you have proficiency in important basic Reiki core competencies and an established practice

  • 8 weeks of education & support

  • BR2L course curriculum

  • Online community for ongoing support, not based on mainstream social media

  • Original materials in multiple formats for all learning styles

  • Instructor support before, during & after the course

  • Personal Reiki Path guidance consultation

Enrollment coming soon!

Meanwhile, take the date and time survey below to let me know when the class would work best for you.

Reiki Treatment

Bring Reiki to Life Full Level 1 Package

Includes all the above features plus the unique Reiki attunement and a Virtual Reiki session before class begins.


If you're new to Reiki training start here.

If you've taken Reiki training before, you're also welcome to enroll in this package and enjoy the extra Reiki immersion.

You can help choose the day and time this class will be offered next by filling out this brief survey.  

You'll be notified when it's set.

Online Meditation

Bring Reiki to Life Live Virtual Class

Includes all the above features, for students who have previously been attuned to Reiki.


If you're new to Reiki training, enroll in the Full Level 1 Package instead of this one.

If you've taken Reiki training before, this package will provide all you need to rejuvenate your Reiki practice.

You can help choose the day and time this class will be offered next by filling out this brief survey.  

You'll be notified when it's set.


Still not sure?

Schedule a time to chat with me and I'll help you discover your best next steps.

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