Wedding Wellness

Reiki Relaxation & Rejuvenation

What if  you knew you’d be feeling more relaxed and more comfortable

every week, all the way to your wedding day and beyond?

What if  a powerful wellness system you share with your beloved could help you to create a strong foundation of compassion, respect, mutual support and healing for your life together?

What if  your own simple and enjoyable self-care practice could relieve much of the stress you usually feel as well as the mounting intensity leading to your impending nuptials?

Welcome to your dream come true!

A Wedding Wellness Reiki Relaxation & Rejuvenation package can help you to establish deep calm and serenity weeks before the event, quickly regain your composure during challenging moments along the way, and create a more peaceful atmosphere on your big day - even with the diverse cast of characters and complex relationships involved.  All couples deserve support in creating safe, sacred ways to celebrate their profound loving connections.

Your partnership has never been stronger, more focused, more dedicated, and yet perhaps also more fragile.  You’ve been through a lot together already, you know each other inside and out, and you’ve made the big decision.  But now you’re in unknown territory. The engagement period is a whole new adventure, and you’ll need new skills to help you cope with the accelerated pace of life, the myriad details, and the joyful excitement as well as the inevitable stress of planning and pulling off what may be the biggest production of your life.

Before ...


You and your partner will be immersed in regular Reiki sessions with your Reiki Provider, Teacher & Coach over several weeks or months for healing, relaxing and processing the immense growth you’re experiencing as well as training in the Reiki practices of self-care and helping others.  You’ll learn hands-on techniques that are subtle enough to be used in meetings or in public, simple offerings you can share, and principles and ethics that can guide your life together in practical and spiritual ways.

During ...


I’ll even be on hand for the big day, with my team as needed, helping to take the edge off the joyous and nervous excitement that is such a fundamental part of the blessed event.  From a 10-minute tune-up to a full-body session, effective even through a wedding gown or tuxedo, Reiki will be there for any member of the wedding party who needs support or a few minutes of downtime to feel grounded and ready to be fully present to the powerful energy of the beautiful event you’ve created together.

& After ...


As newlyweds, we'll continue your Reiki coaching sessions to help you get the best possible start to your new life together.  Reiki is great for easing transitions in life, when even the most joyous changes can bring some stress and challenges. Using Reiki to adapt to life after the honeymoon will help you to integrate your wellness routine into daily life together by reaffirming and advancing your self-care and shared Reiki practices.

Your Wedding Wellness Reiki Relaxation & Rejuvenation package may well be the best investment you can make in ensuring your success in your marriage.  Like your wedding vows, and your love that continues to grow and mature, Reiki will always be there for you.

The Packages

Wedding Wellness Reiki Relaxation & Rejuvenation Packages commence 6 weeks or 6 months before your wedding day, and continue for 2-3 months after.  Both packages include individual weekly or monthly Reiki healing sessions for each partner, Reiki Level 1 training for both, and coaching for your developing Reiki path and practice.

Reiki Healing Sessions offer you a break from your busy life, a chance to listen more deeply to the wisdom of your body, and the power of a trained Reiki practitioner's touch that can awaken your own natural healing systems for growth as well as recovery from illness and injury.  The most common effects of Reiki sessions are a sense of deep calm and relaxation, uplifted emotional state, reduced pain and anxiety, and accelerated healing of specific issues.  Reiki supports your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Reiki Level 1 Training awakens your natural healing ability, focusing it in your hands as well as a general sense of greater wellbeing.  Reiki training includes mindfulness exercises such as breathing and meditation along with the unique Reiki attunement that gives your healing ability an immediate and permanent boost, and information about this hundred-year-old Japanese system of Reiki that blends ancient roots and modern variations for a lifelong practice that can change and adapt with your lifestyle, yet will always be there for you. Becoming my student also connects you with a growing community of Essential Arts Reiki students who enjoy regular updates and continued training, resources and opportunities to further develop your Reiki practice.  I love to share new things with my students, and I'm always learning and creating offerings.

Reiki Path & Practice Coaching gives you a chance to explore your path forward with Reiki once you've received several Reiki sessions and completed the Level 1 training.  You will undoubtedly have questions and experiences to share, and you may feel ready to consider various ways to use your growing Reiki practice in your life, whether for helping friends and family, serving the community or continued self-development, or all of these..  Best of all, you'll be sharing it with your partner, and you'll always have a common set of tools to use to celebrate life's wonder, to get through tough times, or just to maintain your wellbeing together.

6 -Week  Plus Package



  • Reiki Healing Sessions

    • 18 hours total
    • 9 hours per partner

    • average session 1-1/2 hours

  • Reiki Level 1 Training for both partners

    • 2 or 3 weekly training sessions

    • 6 hours total

  • Reiki Path & Practice Coaching

    • 1-hour coaching sessions

    • 3 hours total


  • 2 Reiki providers onsite for 4 hours during the day of the wedding


  • 2 1-hour follow-up Reiki coaching sessions within 2 months after your wedding

6 - Month  Plus Package



  • Reiki Healing Sessions

    • 30 hours Reiki sessions

    • 15 hours per partner

    • ​​average session 1-1/2 hours

  • Reiki Level 1 Training for both partners

    • 2 or 3 weekly training sessions

    • 6 hours total

  • Reiki Path & Practice Coaching

    • 1-hour coaching sessions

    • 4 hours total​


  • 2 Reiki providers onsite for 4 hours during the day of the wedding


  • 3 1-hour follow-up Reiki coaching sessions within 3 months after your wedding

Customize Your Package

  • Add individual Reiki sessions

  • Add Reiki Level 1 students

  • Add Reiki Providers for the wedding day

  • I may be able to bring healing and training sessions to your location

  • Most sessions can be conducted at a distance using Zoom or other method

  • Continue to cultivate your Reiki practice with extended coaching packages

  • What do you need?  I love to be creative…

Contact me for a free consultation  We’ll discover together how to create the most beautiful, joyful and pleasant wedding and future for you and your beloved.

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Dawn Hancy, Reiki Provider, Teacher & Coach

Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher Dawn Hancy loves introducing people to the surprizing simplicity and gentle power of Reiki.  She has been studying and practicing since 2009 and continues to discover more beautiful gifts of Reiki every day through her self-Reiki, professional practice, teaching, volunteering and creating community wellness programs.  She is the founder of Essential Arts Reiki Training and Healing, and of Integrated Community Resilience, a grant-funded nonprofit program that allows her to bring Reiki and other wellness practices to populations with limited access and resources.  She enjoys teaching and serving people of all ages with Reiki from children at camp to elders in nursing homes and even hospice patients and their families. She is the Reiki program coordinator at Gifford Medical Center and Orange County Coordinator with the Vermont Reiki Association as well as a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.  Dawn is enjoying her 23rd year with her husband, Phillip, who is also a Reiki practitioner specializing in working with animals.

Contact me, Dawn Hancy, to schedule a free consultation to help you choose a Wedding Wellness Reiki Package that's right for you and your beloved.

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I can't wait to celebrate with you!

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