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Flourish & Celebrate the Turning of the Year!

How do you ease the transition from one year to the next? Does it feel like a big deal, or just another day?

Whatever your state of mind in this moment of transition, you're not alone if it's a bit of a mixed bag!

In any case, it can be a powerful time to work with the energies of healing and renewal, so I'd like to share some of my strategies for welcoming the new year and releasing the old, and invite you to share as well. I'll even give you a sneak peek at a few things coming in 2022 for Essential Arts.

Making the Most of this Moment

First, here are some tools for reflecting on the passing year and projecting into the new one that help me actually complete the project for this time of transition and set myself up for Optimal Wellbeing and Success in the new year . . .

Coping & Celebrating as the Year Turns

This simple reflection is your chance to share how you're feeling in this season, your challenges and celebrations, hopes and fears, and help me understand how to support you in the days ahead. It's in my latest newsletter, so if you haven't received it, email me here and let me know you'd like to sign up.

We'Moon 2022: The Magical Dark

We'Moon has gone from being my constant companion as a yearly datebook to becoming a part of my nightly ritual of gratitude, self-kindness and affirmation. Now that I use electronic calendars, the pages of my We'Moon are free to receive my thoughts and feelings, which helps me to stay mindful of these threads more often throughout the day.

This gorgeous annual collection of women's art and writing from around the world, with blank spaces in between, is so popular they ran out last year, ordered a larger quantity this year, and now I'm told they expect to run out again, so order yours right away and enjoy it all year long.

There's even an astrological Manifesting Map inside - new this year - along with a free resource for your own instant birth chart. Another way to plan for a positive 2022!


The YearCompass at is a fun and simple way to organize our thoughts about the past 12 months and project some positive energy into the future, including our support team, giving ourselves credit, gratitude, challenges - the whole picture. I'm in the midst of it now, and I appreciate that it offers enough structure without being overwhelming.

I've even created a Google form fill-in format that sends the responses to each question and section to a spreadsheet so I can more easily work with the information there. I'm comparing the past year to next year to see what I want to bring forward, what I'm happy to leave behind and what I'm looking forward to and establishing even now.

Just let me know if you'd like a copy of this form I've created and I'll send it to you. Want to chat about your YearCompass? If several folks are interested, I'll set up a time to gather on Zoom to share are support one another. Email me here.

Threshold Ritual

On New Year's Eve at 5 pm EST, I'll be leading a simple fire ritual of releasing any energies of 2021 that you're ready to let go, to transform them, experience healing and make room for abundant blessings in the new year. To access the Zoom link, visit the Vision of Light website and sign up for our newsletter.

Looking Ahead

Next, I'll share a few things from Essential Arts you can look forward to in the coming year, starting with the next few days.

Save on Reiki through New Year's Weekend

Another way I'm happy to help you ring in the New Year is by extending the reduced prices on all my Reiki Healing and Coaching offerings through January 2.

Reiki Revival & the New Renaissance in the New Year

2022 is an especially exciting time for Reiki because it's the 100th anniversary of the practice! It was in 1922 that Mikao Usui climbed a mountain to fast and pray and returned with the gift of Reiki, to which he devoted the rest of his life by establishing healing clinics, teaching others and even helping earthquake victims. Stay tuned for details on how to join me in celebrating this unique and powerful healing arts system and beautiful way of life in the coming year.

If we are to create a New Renaissance for all to flourish in harmony with ourselves, one another and the Earth, we need spiritual power tools like Reiki, and we need each other, now more than ever.

Bring Reiki to Life in the New Year!

I'm still finalizing plans for the next Bring Reiki to Life 8-week Live Class so please let me know if you're interested, what you would like your Reiki practice to do for you, and when you can meet, so I can schedule class times, even if we end up with more than one session per week. I want to accommodate your schedule as much as possible, and I know you're juggling a lot these days.

I'm also excited to be crafting the Bring Reiki to Life curriculum in various forms such as an e-guide and self-paced online course as well as the live class, and even a coaching group to help you continue to develop your most satisfying and successful Reiki practice with plenty of support and encouragement.

Other Essential Arts!

You may have wondered, if there's the Essential Art of Reiki, are there other Essential Arts? The answer is yes! Essential Arts include many aspects of life in offering empowering experiential education and support services from digital literacy and web design to spiritual arts like priestessing ritual and developing intuition and psychic abilities, fiber arts like spinning wool, quilting and embroidery, historical arts like genealogy, family and feminist studies, homestead arts like gardening and preserving food and more.

I've started with Reiki as a focal point because it's so simple, accessible, gentle, universal and at the same time so incredibly powerful and rewarding that anyone can benefit from learning and receiving it. But there's so much more I want to share with you! I love to support your wellbeing and the healing and evolution of our human family and planet Earth in every way I can, and I'm deeply excited to expand my offerings in 2022.

Anything here pique your interest? I'd love to hear from you! Send me an email with your favorite Essential Art and stay tuned for updates throughout the year.

I Love to Hear from You!

As you can tell if you've read this far, I'm not just teaching and preaching, I'm always listening and learning! I value your wisdom, your struggles and triumphs and you're welcome to share them with me any time. Leave a comment below to share with everyone reading here, or email me privately.

You can also share your Reiki story here with Pamela Miles, the Reiki teacher who inspired my deep devotion to self-practice as well as helping others, which has been such a crucial foundation in my own wellbeing and supporting others. If you do share your story of Reiki healing with her, please share it with me too! I'll only share it with others if I have your permission, but I'd love to know how Reiki has helped you and what you enjoy about your Reiki experience.

If you haven't started on your Reiki journey of healing, personal growth and service, 2022 could be your year! Whatever the path ahead holds for you, I wish you the best, and I'm journeying right alongside you.

Wishing you a blessed Turning of the Year!


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