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Flourish & Celebrate Solstice!

Solstice is a time to celebrate both the sweet embrace of darkness and the thrill of the returning light.

Every time the Wheel of the Year turns, we're invited to pause and reflect on both the shadows and the illumination in ourselves and our lives.

How can you honor both elements in balance in this season? Perhaps the longest night calls for an early bedtime or extra meditation, curling up with a good book, cat, cup of tea or whatever is cozy for you. Perhaps you reach out and light up someone else's evening, send an e-card or call someone far away. A walk in the fresh night air under the recently full moon or a hearthside carol might be just the thing.

There is no need for conflict between the dark and the light when the Wheel will ever continue to turn, bringing summer round again, bringing morning after every night, new beginnings always on the horizon, however far away they may seem.

Peace is as close as releasing the fear and the fight, embracing patience and compassion, starting with ourselves, though I know this is more easily said than done. That's why it is our practice, and a lifelong one.

Self-Reiki practice, sharing Reiki or receiving a Reiki session are wonderful ways to celebrate the descent into the healing darkness of rest and relaxation, and to welcome the renewal of the winter Sun with the inspiration to go on, to begin again, to open to rejuvenation in the hope and faith that the days will lengthen, the seasons will warm, opportunities will arise and Divine guidance will lead us forward into the new year.

This morning I enjoyed a delightful walk in the sunshine and sparkling snowy landscape with my dear friend and neighbor Kareen. And this evening, I am looking forward to a candlelight dinner with my husband Phillip tonight as we celebrate 25 years since we met at a Winter Solstice party. So I'm covering both the bright fresh air and the cozy indoor atmosphere.

What are your favorite strategies for facing the longest nights and welcoming the growing light? Are you trying something new this year? Leave a comment to share your ideas.

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