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Welcome to Reiki Revival 2021: Nurturing the New Renaissance!

This year’s Reiki Revival is a ripple in an nascent movement emerging in many places, many hearts and minds, not named or organized as such, but glimpsed just beneath the surface, stirring the currents and depths within human consciousness and culture, cresting here and there as waves of kindness, inspiration, healing, creativity, connection, renewal.

The New Renaissance is the great work of intentional evolution, consciously creating a just, diverse, sustainable, responsible, peaceful human family where all are encouraged to flourish.

This Renaissance, like Reiki, is a deeply rewarding lifeway of devotion. Not merely a style or fad, it becomes our destiny, should we choose to rise to the occasion and to dig deep, as the moment demands.

In this New Renaissance we discover our greater human abilities and say “Yes!” to natural power long denied, whether by unawareness or oppression. Reiki awakens these greater abilities, instantly levels up our activated potential, and yet it doesn’t simply do this for us. We still need to learn how to best use it in our lives in order to make the impact we desire.

The New Renaissance honors our fundamental power of choice, individually and collectively, for there is no purely good or bad human nature. Our nature is to choose to help or to harm, to hurt or to heal.

In this New Renaissance we can embrace anew the five Reiki precepts* as ideals to embody today, and then to begin again tomorrow, knowing we have not completed this work, but we have done something and we can do more, and better, by showing up again and again, whether we’re new to Reiki or seasoned practitioners.

Reiki and Renewal

Our guide is the beautiful butterfly, symbolizing the power of complete transformation within the form of one of Earth’s most delicate creatures, one that is literally reborn within a single lifetime.

Over the next several weeks together we’ll use Reiki and other techniques and tools to create our personal and collective Cocoon of safety and comfort, organically Transform through relaxation and exploration, courageously Emerge to spread our newfound wings, and confidently Flourish long into the future, returning to the Cocoon to repeat the cycle as often as we like.

For this isn’t a one-time process but a ritual cycle we can enjoy regularly and utilize any time we need to, like a turtle retreating into its shell. But then cycles are like that, naturally repeating, though never exactly the same twice.

The same is true of our Reiki practice. We can chant gokai* every day and constantly find new meaning in the same words. We automatically refresh our energy every time we place our hands on ourselves or someone else for healing, and we connect anew with the energy of one another in each virtual or distance Reiki sessions.

And Reiki is needed now more than ever, for calming, healing, developing our Higher Intelligence, awakening creativity, expressing love, cultivating compassion and so much more. It’s strength is so subtle, it’s almost like a stealth weapon, a secret superpower, not in a battle but a birthing, re-birthing, the great work of our times.

With our Reiki superpowers activated, we can reduce stress and trauma, improve healing and wellbeing, choose and act from ethical guidance, enjoy caring community support, connect with the Divine, and engage our compassion and understanding to better work with others, even in difficult situations - and we’re all in difficult situations now, but we never need to feel completely helpless with Reiki at hand.

We can let the challenges of this time become the motivation for renewed dedication to our own self-care and service to others. There are abundant opportunities to change course, to heal, restore, re-envision and re-create many aspects of our world right now, with more emerging all the time.

Let there be balance in your life between holding compassionate awareness of the suffering and energizing the active role you can play in your own wellbeing and in the revitalization of the world. There is room for you in this New Renaissance and you don’t need to be DaVinci to contribute significantly.

In fact, Reiki amplifies your contribution automatically, but only if you use it, and especially when we put our superpowers together. It is in this spirit that I invite you to celebrate with me in this year’s Reiki Revival.

Looking Forward

In the weekly Reiki Cafe, and in the new Virtual Circle, you can connect with old and new friends in the Essential Arts community from aspiring Reiki practitioners to Reiki teachers and authors, learn and share what gets us through troubled times and helps us thrive, take the next steps that beckon on your own unfolding Reiki Path, and ask those burning questions about Reiki, wellness and other related topics that others are probably wondering as well.

We’ll explore the whole cycle of rebirth through weekly themes from Cocoon to Transform, through Emerge and finally Flourish. And soon you will have the opportunity to join me and your fellow Essential Art of Reiki students as we Bring Reiki to Life in our lives and our world.

For now, allow yourself to come in for a gentle landing during this time of upheaval and excitement. It’s time to turn inward and relax, discover a deep wellspring of inspiration and craft it into a vibrant new form, arise with newfound enthusiasm and shine your light out into a world that so dearly needs your brilliance now more than ever.

This is our moment, a moment of perfect tension between grieving and hope, tragedy and opportunity. And it’s literally in our hands, our hearts and our minds.

Together we can flourish, in this New Renaissance.


To join the Reiki Revival, just use the Sign Up or Log In option at the top of this screen so you can access new blog posts as soon as they’re published, newsletters with information about each week’s theme, links to the Reiki Cafe and membership in the Virtual Circle, specials and discounts on Essential Art of Reiki offerings and more. If you have any trouble connecting, just let me know at

*The Five Reiki Precepts, chanted as part of the practice known as gokai can be roughly translated from the Japanese as follows, though this is just one interpretation of their meaning:

Just for today

I will not cultivate anger, for though I experience anger as a natural emotion, it is not my chosen path.

I will not cultivate worry, for though I experience worry as a natural emotion, it is not my chosen path.

I will cultivate gratitude and express appreciation as my practice

I will devote myself to self-care and service in balance and integrity

I will cultivate compassion for myself and all others


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