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The Great Turning

I confessed in my last blog, a couple of days ago, that I'm feeling optimistic, even inspired, even now. I explained that the source for this hopefulness is a combination of what I see in the world - your beautiful acts of love and kindness, self-care and perseverance - and what I know is possible and still yet to be fully activated in the powerful potential of humanity.

I find great joy in witnessing and supporting people discovering their peaceful power, natural healing ability, body wisdom and higher creative and intuitive intelligence, all needed now more than ever. And I'm excited because I'm sensing a beautiful uprising of spirit all over the world, despite and encouraged by the present danger and uncertainty, people reaching deep within themselves for new strength, and coming together for healing transformation.

There is a powerful shift beginning to occur as systems we've taken for granted are suddenly at a standstill, while simultaneously there's a mad rush to get back to some kind of normal. But that normal will never exist again, not exactly.

This is the time of the Great Turning, when we need never go back to the filth and pollution, the injustice and suffering that the world has known as normal for far too long. We can begin right now to create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, in the wise words of Charles Eisenstein.

When we speak truth to power we begin with ourselves, not by turning against others who are different from us, or by railing against systems and people that just retaliate brutally and squander our precious energy, and certainly not by giving up and believing we are powerless.

We are the ones who decide whether our future is as frenzied, harried and stressed as the past, or whether we choose a more humane, prosperous, caring way of life. In this moment, whether we're busier than ever or wondering what to do with all the time on our hands, we can make small but powerful choices that make all the difference, and then build on them to manifest a healthier lifestyle and healthier communities.

We cannot afford to be dependent on circumstances for our wellbeing. Wouldn't you rather be the one who determines your baseline of wellness overall, even if there are unavoidable ups and downs?

The practices we begin now will set the foundation for the future we create. We cannot wait for someone or something to save us, and we cannot complain or blame our way to a glorious new normal.

One thing that can make the difference between struggling and thriving can be simply taking control of our physiology. In plain terms, we start by learning to relax. Does that sound too simple? Not forceful enough? I challenge and invite you to try it and let me know what a committed relaxation practice does for you. Its elegant, streamlined focus can be deceptively subtle at first, but don't be fooled. It's the foundation of all peaceful revolutions.

Our natural state, when fully developed, is nearly miraculous. The amazing healing I've witnessed, intuitive and spiritual guidance bringing comfort and practical direction, relationships salvaged from near ruin to become more loving than ever, the sense of purpose that can propel us forward into our true selves and the lives we are meant to lead - they all start with simply learning to relax. From that quiet, still place within, genius arises, strength multiplies, brilliance begins to shine and radiate out to all those around us. We find our true power and bring it forth to bless the world.

Even in the shudders of chaos and turmoil arising anew, there is a stillness emerging as the dust settles from the initial shock of finding ourselves in the midst of a real-life modern plague. This is the eye in the midst of the storm, always available to us in any moment, familiar to those who practice mindfulness, meditation and contemplation, those with healing and prayer practices.

We know we can virtually stop time by slipping into an inner oasis of calm strength we have cultivated over months and years by training our minds and bodies to respond to subtle cues that can change our physiology by activating the relaxation response and de-escalating the stress response triggered by a situation, image, even a thought. We learn to identify these triggers and anticipate them before they overwhelm us, and we create anchors that help us return to that peaceful state more and more easily as we practice again and again.

It's that simple. That doesn't mean it's easy, doesn't mean we always do it perfectly, or always remember to do it all. Sometimes we just react. But it is possible, and like a muscle, it grows stronger with use, with training, guidance and support.

This is what I offer you in Learn 2 Relax, the new program I designed just in the past few weeks for this extraordinary moment in our lives. Learn 2 Relax offers you clear instruction in practical techniques in multiple formats for ease of learning and practice, Virtual Reiki healing sessions to accelerate and amplify your natural healing ability, expert personal guidance for your unique journey of optimal wellness, and loving, supportive community dedicated to our greatest wellbeing.

The problems facing us now, from pandemic and environmental degradation to poverty and violence, are not going to just go away, nor improve on their own while we just wait it out. We must dedicate ourselves to a better world for all, and we start with ourselves and our own wellbeing, and supporting each other.

I pledge to you now that I devote myself and my life to uplifting humanity and living in reverence and harmony with all the beings of this beautiful planet, beginning with my own practices of self-care, lifelong learning, and receiving support from others, and extending through service to my family and community, my business and volunteer work.

I invite you to do the same. If you're willing to dedicate your time, energy, and whatever resources are available to you to your own optimal wellness and the greatest wellbeing of all, please share your pledge in the comments below.

To express my deep gratitude and admiration for your courage and willingness to grow and contribute to creating a more wonderful world, I am happy to offer you thirty minutes of Virtual Reiki healing and wellness consultation, as my gift to the first ten people who comment with your own personal pledge for the Great Turning.

Wonderful things are happening, and more are coming! I'm so excited about what the future holds for you - and what you hold for our future.

For details and enrollment in Learn 2 Relax, from the free Starter Kit to monthly memberships, visit


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