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Reiki Training

Awaken and cultivate your natural brilliance with Reiki training and coaching, from instant activation through the unique Reiki attunement process to progressive levels of learning through Reiki Path & Practice coaching for the most supportive and comprehensive Reiki training program available.

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I've created a new course based on Essential Art of Reiki Core Competencies to provide a solid yet flexible foundation for your Reiki practice, whether you're wanting to start your Reiki training or review and enhance your previous training. 

Reiki Revival 2021:


This is the Great Turning, birthing a New Renaissance, as many begin to emerge from pandemic restrictions and envision a better way forward, and it's the perfect moment for you to create your best Reiki practice for Optimal Wellness & Success!

Whether you're new to Reiki or seeking to activate and enhance your previous Reiki training, this course covers all you need to create a satisfying and successful Reiki practice.

Perhaps you've taken some level of Reiki training, yet you don't have a regular practice or really know how to use Reiki in real life.

Reiki Path & Practice Coaching

​Nearly every Reiki student encounters this threshold, and while next level training may seem like the answer, you probably just need individual support to complement the training you've already had.

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Group Meditation

From Level 1 through Reiki Master Teacher training, the unique combination of attunements, information and practice give you a complete foundation for a successful understanding and experience of the remarkable life-changing art of Reiki.

Reiki Classes

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Not sure what you need now?

I'm happy to explore with you to discover the best next steps in creating your best Reiki path & practice.