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Real-Life Reiki - Part 1: My Practice

This is how I start my day, every day. Not because I'm hiding from the world (okay, maybe a little bit sometimes), but because I start my day with hands-on Reiki practice. I know how every day is going to begin, and I know it's going to be good.

Reiki illuminates our power of choice, our sovereignty in our own lives, our self-determination. Of course, this doesn't mean there aren't other influences, strong ones, sometimes overpowering ones. We don't live in a Reiki bubble. That's because I'm talking about "power" and not "control." Our Reiki practice awakens our power and influence from within. When we transform ourselves, we can also transform our world more effectively by responding more wisely to outer circumstances and events.

Reiki is real and practical in the modern world, accessible to anyone, available in any moment.  It can be learned quickly, practiced anywhere and used without any equipment, IRL - In Real Life. You can use it without anyone even being able to tell. Reiki stealth mode is as handy as gently placing a hand on your belly or leaning your chin on your hand - normal gestures that can activate the healing energy in your hands any time.

I've created the 21-Day Reiki Revival to help Reiki practitioners level up their practices to be more successful and satisfying, but what about my practice? I'd love to share it with you! Here are some more examples of Reiki in my real life.

I do start by giving Reiki to my eyes, and then my morning practice continues with several more hand positions covering the three tanden and seven major chakras, all energy centers in the body. I hold each hand position for about five minutes while silently giving thanks for the many blessings in my life and thinking of positive intentions and affirmations. (See the Easeful Intentions Practice Video in the 21-Day Reiki Revival Facebook Group.)

I usually chant the Reiki Principles aloud in Japanese after breakfast, followed by a short meditation. (For a discussion of the Principles watch the Reiki Roundtable: Living Reiki Principles video in the 21-Day Reiki Revival Facebook Group.)

I also use Reiki as a quick pick-me-up during the day, or Reiki break, usually 5-15 minutes, with my hands on the crown of my head, eyes, heart, belly. This can be as refreshing and energizing as a cup of coffee or black tea, without the jittery feeling or side effect of not being able to sleep at night.

In the evening, I chant the Reiki Principles aloud in Japanese with my husband, Phil, and we also say an English interpretation aloud. This varies from day to day as Japanese does not translate directly and precisely into English, and because Reiki is a living practice whose Principles contain so much wisdom in each simple phrase that we can continue to unpack their meaning and guidance for the rest of our lives as our understanding grows and each day brings us new challenges and opportunities. (See the blog post Practice as Activism & Activism as Sacred Wellness Practice for a discussion of my favorite Reiki Principle.)

Along with the evening chanting, we send Reiki energy to our families and others in the world who are in need of blessings, and open to receive Reiki blessings ourselves, from the Reiki energy flowing through us and from our spiritual guides. We also bless situations in our lives and add our positive intentions.

At bedtime I often do a shorter self-Reiki practice since I usually fall asleep pretty quickly once I put down my bedtime reading, which may or may not be about Reiki. Currently I'm reading The Old Inns of England, a lovely volume published in 1935 which contributes inspiration to the Healing Hospitality model we're creating for the future.

Speaking of reading, I do love to read, as you may have heard me reveal during one of my Tuesday Book Talks. This week I interviewed my favorite Reiki author, Nicholas Pearson, and we discussed his book Foundations of Reiki Ryoho. This is another book I like to keep by my bedside because I know that if I open it up and read even a paragraph or a page, it will be uplifting, a nice way to end the day. (You can watch the interview with Nicholas on Tuesday Book Talk in the 21-Day Reiki Revival Facebook Group.)

As reading is part of my Real-Life Reiki practice, so is writing. I love to write and to share about Reiki, so this blog and my teaching materials are some outlets for my enthusiasm. Maybe someday I'll even write a book if it seems helpful to the Reiki community, if I come up with something unique to add to the many wonderful Reiki books that have been published.

I enjoy giving and receiving Reiki sessions, whether in person or virtual, and I'm so grateful that in this time of physical distancing and virtual social connections we can share Reiki very effectively over any distance.

I also love teaching Reiki and wellness practices, and have started to adapt my curriculum to reach a wider audience, for instance through the Learn 2 Relax program and the 21-Day Reiki Revival , both currently open for enrollment and participation. Tomorrow I'll be sharing a free webinar Review of Reiki 1. In the next few weeks, I'll be offering deeper Reiki Refresher courses for those who have already taken Reiki Level 1 or 2 training and would like to review the material or level up their practices. Reiki training at various levels will also be available soon. All of these are virtual offerings, many free of charge and some for a fee, so everyone can access my programs and find something of benefit.

I have enjoyed volunteering for several organizations, offering Reiki and other services, to domestic and sexual violence survivors, hospital and hospice patients and their families, nursing home and residential care facility residents, local camp kids, and the general public at events from farmers markets to Steampunk festivals to organic farming conferences.

I currently serve on the board of the Vermont Reiki Association and as VRA Orange County Regional Coordinator. This year our VRA annual conference will be virtual as well, featuring Frans Stiene, world-renowned author and teacher.

This may seem like a long list, but in reality these are just a few of the ways I integrate Reiki into my real life, because the more we practice Reiki the more we become Reiki. It's not really something that turns on and turns off with our situation or attention. Although...

Sometimes I become aware that it has started flowing without trying to make it happen, like when my cat, Ivy, slinks onto my lap and nestles into my hands while I'm paying attention to something else and suddenly my hands are hot and Ivy is happily snoozing.

And I know that Reiki influences my whole life and being in many ways I can't even count or measure, infusing my body, mind, heart and spirit with serenity, healing, inspiration and intuition at a greater level than I would otherwise enjoy.

I can't say that Reiki has solved all my problems or prevents challenges from arising in my life, but then, isn't that what we're here for - bringing more blessings and healing into the world, solving problems and growing through our challenges? Still, Reiki sure does help!

One of the best things about Reiki is that once you have it, you can never lose it. You might set aside your practice for a while, but you can always pick it up again - as I did in the past. That's the inspiration behind the 21-Day Reiki Revival - we all need support in growing our practices and we can always keep learning from each other.

I love learning from you! What are your Real-Life Reiki practices?


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