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Juneteenth, and the 21-Day Reiki Revival!

Today is Juneteenth, a day when many people in the U.S. are celebrating the good news of the emancipation of slaves one hundred and fifty-five years ago in Texas, where it took over two years for the news of the Emancipation Proclamation to reach them. This year Juneteenth has become a holiday celebrated by more people than ever, since recent courageous resistance to police brutality against the African-American community has highlighted not only their suffering but also their beautiful and powerful heritage, not only their vulnerabilities but also their strengths.

Why am I celebrating Juneteenth?

Well, I'm one of those white people learning more about African-American culture and traditions and outraged over the continuing systemic racial oppression, and I want to express deep honor and humility in my commitment as an ally to people of color and to justice and equanimity for all people. Compassion for ourselves and all others is a core Reiki principle, and we are called to not only believe it and agree with it, but to live it. It takes more than abstract caring to create change and to right wrongs, it takes action: speaking up and organizing, protesting and running for office, voting and offering whatever support we can. I have started a discussion/practice group around the book Mindful of Race: Transforming Racism from the Inside Out, which uses a mindfulness-practice approach to healing the wounds and ignorance within us around race so we can be more effective advocates and allies. Register here: All are welcome.

So let's celebrate Juneteenth! It's a time when some African-American families and communities come together to hear the elders and honor the stories of their past, the struggles and successes of the present, and the promise of the future. I hope someone reading here has just learned of this holiday for the first time, and you'll leave me a comment to let me know. Then spread the good word!

What does this have to do with Reiki? And what is a Reiki Revival anyway?

The 21-Day Reiki Revival starts tomorrow, so I've got to let you know about it today!

This Reiki Revival is a Real-Life Retreat, free and accessible to all, for the purpose of bringing more Reiki healing and blessings into the world together, at a time when we so dearly need them.

In tomorrow's Opening Ceremony I'll be sharing some of our own Reiki history and tradition, plus you can find out why this Reiki Revival will last for 21 days, what you can expect from our Real-Life Retreat and how it can help you integrate Reiki for sacred transformation in any area of your life.

Our virtual home for the 21-Day Reiki Revival is the @21DayReikiRevival Facebook Group. I'll be posting content there every day, including live interviews with Reiki authors and teachers, Reiki Roundtables, live practice videos, Open Office Hours, blog posts, Reiki training refreshers and more. I'm having so much fun creating this program, pulling together a rich array of wonderful Reiki resources and practices. We'll track our progress together, if that's something you enjoy doing, and you can even pair up with a practice pal for more support, accountability and encouragement.

You're welcome to join if you have an interest in how the Reiki system of healing and personal growth can help you transform any aspect of your life.

If you haven't been trained in Reiki yet, you can learn about the system and practice, and also receive Virtual Reiki Sessions and learn to develop a personal wellness practice through my Learn 2 Relax program.

Many people have had some Reiki training but don't practice, and this Reiki Revival is really designed with you foremost in mind. I want to help you feel comfortable and confident practicing this amazing gift that has been awakened in you, whether you want to improve your own health and wellbeing or help others - and I hope you'll do both!

If you're an advanced Reiki practitioner or teacher, welcome to the deep discussion and shared practice that's so vital to a flourishing path and practice. We're not meant to do this alone, and it can be hard to find other people who "get it" when you talk about Reiki. In this turbulent time it can be hard to hold on to our own self-care practice, let alone help anyone else, but we need to stand up as healers and leaders in our lives, especially now, and this we must do together, to lean on each other as well.

You can't do it wrong, and just showing up is your first success. We're gathering to support one another on our unique individual journeys, and I'm thrilled to be your guide, but Reiki is our ultimate teacher, and Reiki will guide you on your best path for this moment. All we need to do is to be willing to keep finding the sweet spot in our practice, in our lives and within ourselves. It's an endless undertaking, but also most rewarding. We're meant for this, and we can rise to the challenge of these strange days with a fierce dedication to our own wellbeing and to helping others.

I'll hold the Opening Ceremony tomorrow, Saturday, June 20, at noon on Facebook Live in the @21DayReikiRevival Facebook Group, so join now and tune in tomorrow. We'll craft our intentions for this Real-Life Retreat to help you discern and achieve your optimal wellness and success for this moment. And you'll find out why I call this Reiki Revival a miracle!

You can join in at any time during these 21 days, from June 20 to July 10. So head over to the @21DayReikiRevival Facebook Group now and get started with your 21-Day Reiki Revival!


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