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Indulge in the simple pleasures of holistic health and wellbeing for yourself, your friends and family, centered in the healing arts of Reiki and the gentle virtual healing touch of Reiki Master Dawn Hancy.

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Bring your Reiki practice alive and discover your unique Reiki path.

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Just for Today... We'll explore the 5 Reiki Precepts and their power.

In years past, we surrounded ourselves with tried and true forms of physical comfort during the holiday season - gathering with friends and family, filling homes with fragrant meals and treats, preparing gifts for others, while practicing gratitude for the health and wellbeing of family and friends.

This season may be harder, at least very different, with so many people suffering and so much at stake, but we can all find our optimal wellness for this moment by reaching out for support.

Cultivating healing and wellbeing, mindfulness and compassion, during this Season of Comfort will give you and those around you the resilience to carry on.  But we can't do it alone, we're meant to need each other.

At Essential Arts Reiki Training & Healing, Dawn helps you discover and enjoy your optimal wellness through Virtual services like Reiki Healing sessions and Reiki Training and Coaching, as well as online groups and other wellness support.


Dawn specializes in creating harmony and safe space for people to heal and relax naturally, with encouragement and practical techniques for gaining confidence and serenity. 


Her inspiring message for the season:

"We don't have to be quite so stressed, because we all have superpowers no one tells us about, like healing, creativity, wisdom and intuition.  They just need to be awakened - and that awakening is the gift of Reiki."

In this time of challenge and celebration, treat your loved ones and yourself to a Season of Comfort with the special gift of Reiki that is perfect for each of you.

Enjoy Virtual Reiki Healing

Relief can be yours, just by closing your eyes and allowing the gentle soothing power of Reiki healing to flow through your tired body and busy mind.

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Enhance Your Reiki Practice

Revive your Reiki practice at any level to unleash your natural healing power for joy, wellbeing, and generous service with confidence.

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Just for Today...

Join me at noon every Thursday in December to explore the 5 Reiki Precepts or ideals we can contemplate and practice to embody the magic of Reiki in everyday life. 


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I'd love to be your guide on a beautiful journey of healing and evolving, naturally

I know how to help you come in for a gentle landing in the midst of a busy life, a busy day, a busy season, by combining the gentle power of Reiki healing, a caring listening ear, and guidance in developing your own best wellness practices.

Strong and smart as you are, none of us is meant to go it alone.  We all need support, whether in times of trouble or times of ease, and especially in these challenging times.

I'm Dawn Hancy, Reiki Master Teacher, and I'll help you create a safe, sacred space to relax and allow your natural healing ability and brilliance to awaken and arise, while releasing stress, tension and worry.  Sound miraculous?  It is possible, even now.

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Let's chat about how Welcoming Optimal Wellness  in this holiday season and beyond.