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Reiki 2: Expand Your Horizons

Live Virtual 8-week Class starts January 2024

If you...

have had Reiki 1 training and now you're ready to deepen your practice,
learn to project healing across time and space,
sense energy to know where healing is needed,
and meet your own personal Reiki spiritual guide

have taken Reiki 2 and want to review and strengthen your use of the basic
Reiki symbols and techniques and take your practice further

This class is for you!

Reiki 2 : Expand Your Horizons

package includes

  • Reiki Level 2 attunement

  • Live Virtual 8-week Class

  • Virtual Class Support Circle

  • Reiki 2 Certificate

  • Individual Reiki Path Consultation

+ special bonuses for limited time only

exclusive access to Bring Reiki to Life 

ebook Reiki practice guide draft

+ discussion group

Get started today!

in 3 easy steps

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

2. Schedule your attunement

You'll find the link in your thank-you message at registration

3. Follow the links in your confirmation emails to

  • Join the Expand Your Horizons group

    • Meet with your teacher and classmates

  • Download Bring Reiki to Life PDF

    • Start reading and using the book right away!

Pricing plans
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What You Need to Know 


Reiki attunements will be scheduled as individual sessions during January 2024 before class starts.

Classes will be held on Wednesdays 10-11:30 a.m. EST January 31-March 13.

Following the class, each student will receive an individual consultation to help you discern your own Reiki Path and plan the best next steps on your Reiki Journey.


All attunements, classes and consultations will be provided virtually over Zoom.

Expand Your Horizons & Bring Reiki to Life Virtual Circles are hosted on this Essential Arts website for a private, customized community away from mainstream social media platforms that's completely free from ads and outside suggested posts.


Dawn Hancy, founder of Essential Arts, will be your teacher and will provide and facilitate all aspects of this class.

This class is presented in partnership with Vision of Light Church of Spiritualism & Healing where Dawn Hancy is Lay Pastor, as part of our spiritual education ministry.

Self-Reiki heart meditation.png

Special Bonus :  exclusive access

Students enrolled in this class will also receive a PDF of a guidebook in the making, Bring Reiki to Life, companion to the Bring Reiki to Life class, written by your Essential Art of Reiki Teacher, Dawn Hancy, to help you create your best personal Reiki practice.  

I'm excited to share this process with you as I create it in real time in order to help you make the most of your Reiki 1 training, whether it was recent or long ago, with me or another teacher.


I'm sharing this draft with you so you can help me tailor it to the needs of real Reiki students as I continue working on it.  Reiki is magical and inspirational, yet can also be very practical, and the purpose of this book is to help bring Reiki alive in your real life every day.

You'll be able to discuss the guidebook with me and other students both in a dedicated Bring Reiki to Life chat group and in a live virtual gathering before your Reiki 2 class starts in January.

This will help you make sure your Reiki 1 foundations are strong before you learn Level 2, and that you have a robust personal Reiki practice that helps you improve and maintain your optimal wellness, and succeed on your Reiki Journey.


Your Reiki Journey & Reiki Path

Your Reiki Journey is your continuing experience of Reiki throughout your life - from the first time you heard about this unique and powerful healing arts system through receiving Reiki healing sessions, starting training, and beyond as you discover your own individual Reiki Path in life.  


Your Reiki Path may always center on self-care and self-healing or it may include sharing Reiki with others either as a standalone practice or enhancement to your other work and skills.

My passion is helping students start with a grounded, confident and effective self-practice, then to support you in discovering and developing your own best Reiki Path in life.

Your Reiki Journey will probably always include basic self-Reiki practice and receiving Reiki from others so you'll enjoy your best health and greatest wellbeing, and continue to learn and grow with Reiki.

If you feel called to expand your practice from this foundation, you may want to take your own personal work in a new direction to manifest profound healing from a specific condition in the present or even from the past.  You can also develop your natural spiritual and psychic gifts more powerfully with Reiki.

Many people are passionate about sharing Reiki with others, whether human or animal, even plants.  You can combine Reiki with your current work, especially if you're a caregiver or health care provider.  You can focus on certain populations like birthing families or elders, those with specific physical or mental health challenges.  And, of course, you can share it informally with friends and family.  

Wherever your Reiki Journey takes you, your unique Reiki Path is waiting for you to discover how much magic and healing can enliven your life.


Why is Essential Art of Reiki training special?

Essential Art of Reiki students are supported over a much longer timeframe, with more individual encouragement and validation, and on a more practical level than other Reiki training options.

I've met far too many Reiki students who were initially so excited about their training, yet they emerged from an inspiring workshop or weekend only to feel totally lost, without a solid personal practice or understanding of how to use Reiki in their real lives.

I created this original curriculum and teaching method to solve this problem, and I continue to update it with every new class, as I keep learning also.  In recent years this has included shifting to all virtual training in order to allow people from any location to join from the comfort of their own environment. 


My virtual groups allow connection between classes while avoiding all the distractions and confusing algorithms of mainstream social media.  Students are able to reach out to me and to each other for support as questions arise, and to share accomplishments right away.  It's also an easy way for me to share additional materials that I create as well as class slides and videos.

It's based on traditional Reiki levels or degrees, but much more thorough and personalized as well as grounded in practical applications and integrating Reiki into all other areas of life.

I know every Reiki practitioner is unique and I love helping my students find meaningful ways to develop, use and share Reiki in their real lives.

While Reiki is complementary with any other healing arts system or spiritual tradition, and I help students understand how to combine them while clarifying what is Reiki and what isn't, which can often be confusing.  Some definitions of Reiki are so broad that they seem to include everything, so I deliberately honor the source of whatever teachings or techniques we cover, focusing mainly on the most important and practical Reiki elements.


Reiki 2 : Expand Your Horizons Class Outline

This is a general guide to highlight class elements that will be covered over the course of this program.

This guide is flexible and the actual content may vary depending on the needs of the class.

Before class starts - you'll be prepared

Read Bring Reiki to Life to deepen & enhance your Reiki 1 practice

Join the discussion

Receive your Reiki Attunement

Week 1

  • Review self-practice

  • Orientation to the class

  • Introductions

  • Set intentions for class

  • Learn Reiki sphere meditation

Week 2

  • Review Reiki Sphere

  • Learn Power symbol,

  • - its meanings

  • - its uses

  • Practice drawing the symbol

  • Practice using the symbol

Week 3

  • Review Power symbol

  • Learn Harmony symbol

  • - its meanings

  • - and its uses

  • Practice drawing the symbol

  • Practice using the symbol

Week 4

  • Review Power & Harmony symbols

  • Learn Connecting symbol

  • - its meanings

  • - its uses

  • Practice drawing the symbol

  • Practice using the symbol

Study suggestions - fun homework!

Reiki self-practice

Read, journal, meditate

Practice with symbols

Check in with buddies/group

Distance healing.png

Week 5

  • Review all symbols learned

  • Learn to facilitate virtual sessions

  • Check in with Self-practice

Week 6

  • Review all symbols learned

  • Review virtual sessions

  • Learn scanning and beaming

Week 7

  • Review scanning and beaming

  • Meeting your Spiritual Reiki Master/Guide

Week 8

  • Review all lessons​

  • Next steps

  • Revisit intentions

  • Class feedback

  • Reiki Paths

  • Certificates!

After class ends - continuing support

Individual Reiki Path consultation

Continuing Expand Your Horizons group

Updates on the writing and publication of Bring Reiki to Life



Chat with  Essential Art of Reiki Teacher, Dawn Hancy if you're still not sure about enrolling in this class.

I'm happy to discuss your Reiki Journey and how I can best support you in discovering your best next steps.

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