What is Practical Spiritual Magic?

I'm quite sure you know what all three of those words mean - but do you ever put them together?  They may seem very different, but actually they make a great combination.

Being Practical is about being grounded in the world, getting things done, manifesting what we want and being skilled in producing results.  It's often considered to be physical and intellectual, but isn't it also Practical to be emotionally and spiritual healthy and skilled as well?

Being Spiritual is about being open to more than just the mundane everyday world of solving problems, coping with life's logistics.  It's about connecting with a Divine power greater than our human selves, connecting with others who support us in this endeavor.  It can include religion and yet it's definitely beyond any single path or tradition or dogma.  It can be expansive, empowering, comforting.  It can also awaken abilities and talents we didn't know we had, like intuition, prayer, receiving Divine guidance and discovering our life's purpose.  So how can we ground these wonderful things in our lives?

And Magic - what is that?  Well, first of all, it's real - at least the way I use the word.  It's about combining the Practical and Spiritual in ways that are harmonious and that transform ourselves, our lives and our world.  It makes the Spiritual skills and insights Practical and uplifts Practical tasks and skills to Spiritual levels.  Embracing Magic is about using our Spiritual power in Practical ways.  Energy healing, like Reiki, is an example.  Another is developing our intuition and Divine connection for Practical guidance in our lives. 


Spirituality gives our Practical and Magical choices a context of ethics, so our technology and skill aren't used for harm.  Practicality gives our Spiritual Magic purpose and expression.  Magic gives us the power of transformation to super-charge our Spiritual and Practical work and pursuits.


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