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Reiki Coaching will help you

Bring Reiki to Life - in your community!

You sense deeply that your Reiki training can help so many people, but where to begin?  It's impossible to be everything to everyone, so you may need to explore and experiment to find your best community Reiki Practice - or you might know right away which Path is right for you.  This Essential Arts Reiki Path coaching program is designed to welcome you into the fulfilling world of volunteering.  Professional Reiki Business coaching is described here.

All E.A.R.T.H. coaching programs begin with the foundation of any successful Reiki Path: self-care practice.  This encompasses not only what you do during your dedicated Reiki time each day, but also the way you approach life and the skills, intentions and energies you bring to your family, clients, students, animal friends and even the structure and functioning of your Reiki Path.

Mirror and Indoor Plants

Know Yourself
& Your Practice

Caring for others starts with self-care!  You don't need to be an expert or Reiki Master to be ready to share this wonderful gift with your community, but it is helpful to establish your foundation first. 

Self-care practice really never stops, and its effects radiate from you to support others often in invisible ways.  You become an example of increasing wellness and happiness, and you silently offer others permission to care for themselves really well, validating their right to treat themselves kindly and deeply value good health and wellbeing.

Bringing Reiki to Life in your life also means you have a clear understanding of the system you practice and you're able to comfortably communicate with others about Reiki.  It can be hard to explain this invisible energy thing that just feels good!  But it is possible to describe it in language your audience will be able to understand, and this can change depending on who you're talking to.

It also feels more grounded and satisfying to understand the background of your tradition, how it works and how it's different from other traditions and practices.  You create a Reiki identity for yourself that blends harmoniously with your other identities, giving you more confidence and clarity.  Once you've established your own basic practice, the door is open and you can go in any direction you like, expanding and focusing on what calls to you to experience, serve and create.

From that foundation, you can practice your skills with others and grow your experience and expertise by working with members of your community.  There are some principles all these Reiki Paths hold in common, such as respect and consent, patience and non-interference, and learning to communicate about Reiki in ways that are suitable for each relationship.  I encourage you to proceed slowly and savor each step.

Know Your Community

You may know your community well or you may have just moved in.  Either way, it's helpful to approach the people in it and the opportunities to share Reiki there mindfully.

Theoretically, Reiki can help everybody, but not everyone is ready for Reiki, and that's okay.  I suggest you consider where you might feel most comfortable helping out and then look around for the low-hanging fruit opportunities in the form of events or partners.  These may be places or groups where Reiki is already a familiar friend rather than starting a new program while you're still getting started on this Path.  You may work with other Reiki practitioners or providers of other healing arts, meditation and other wellness support.

Community Reiki Care is very rewarding when you see the powerful healing impact of Reiki expanding out into the world.  While we don't control it and we can't force it on anyone, there are plenty of people who are ready to try it, or have already experienced it and want more. Often the key is for Reiki providers to understand the system well and be able to communicate about it, on top of the sound foundation of self-practice.

Hospital Employees
Garden Path

Choose Your Path

All Community Care Paths start with Bring Reiki to Life Self-Care Practice combined with the basic Community Care core curriculum.  From this solid foundation, we'll craft a Community Care Practice that's right for you.

To begin, simply enroll in either of the basic Community Care coaching levels further down on this page.  At your first coaching session, we will co-create the specialized Community Care Path that best suits your needs and intentions, starting with the Bring Reiki to Life and Community Wellness basics and tailoring the curriculum to your unique situation and goals.

Since this is not a class that requires you to complete a module each week or month, you can focus most on the areas that are most important to you and where you need the most support, spending as much time as you need on each area.  Here are a few examples:

Hospital or other medical setting volunteer You don't need to be a trained doctor or nurse to help patients and staff feel better and relax with Reiki, if you know how to interact with them effectively.

Reiki Shares - You might want to start by taking turns offering Reiki to other Reiki practitioners, either at an organized group event or one-on-one.

Reiki Clinics - These events offer the public a chance to experience a positive introduction to Reiki or to receive Reiki support at low- or no cast while offering practitioners a chance to gain experience.

Events within Events - A pop-up Reiki clinic at a larger event like a farmer's market, wellness fair or grueling all-day conference may be very welcome, and can save you the effort of organizing a whole event.

Animal Shelters - There is a movement to provide Reiki care and comfort for other species as well, and shelters or rescues are perfect places to find our creature kin who are in need of some extra compassion, calming energy and loving care.

Speaking and Writing about Reiki - While this can be a paying activity, it can also be helpful to practice, gain exposure and experience, and make connections by sharing Reiki verbally with a larger audience, as many people either haven't heard of Reiki or are not clear about what it is and how it might help them.

Wandering Traveler

Start Here

Start with the Reiki Community Care Pathfinder Quiz to explore the possibilities, whatever level of Reiki training you're starting from.  You'll reflect on your Reiki training & practice so far and look ahead to areas you can add, deepen or expand.

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Planning Travels

Chart Your Course

When you're ready to Bring Reiki to Life in your community, once you enroll, you'll explore more deeply in the interactive Discovery & Insight tool.  We'll use this exercise to co-create our coaching strategy at your first Welcome session.

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Coaching Sessions

We'll meet regularly, weekly or semi-monthly depending on your coaching plan, and follow this strategy, adjusting it along the way as you make wonderful progress and encounter challenges, both of which I expect for you along the way - you can handle it!

We'll meet on Zoom and combine check-in, discussion, skills training and energy work with Q & A time and helpful

tools and techniques.

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Together at the Top

Core Curriculum

We'll use the outline displayed in the chart below as a wellspring to draw from allowing you the flexibility to move at your own pace and explore more deeply what's most important to you while covering all the Essential Arts Reiki Training & Healing. core competency areas. You will not be expected to complete a module each week or month as in a class but instead organically unfold your own best Reiki practice, using the modules as stepping stones.

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Book Stack
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Bring Reiki to Your Community
Coaching Packages

Select the option that best supports your goals,  intentions and timeline.  You are welcome to upgrade or downgrade your package at any time during your initial 3-month commitment or after.  Committing 3 months to establish your practice will yield lifelong results and allow you enough time to see significant progress and fell genuine accomplishment.  During that season you'll get to know yourself and Reiki so much better, and we'll establish a supportive working relationship that will support you in your growth and be there for you in the future.



This package includes everything you need to establish your best Reiki practice for lifelong wellness support, and the perfect foundation for any further Reiki Path.


  • Two sessions each month

  • Bonus sessions 3-4 times per year

  • Bring Reiki to Life Core Curriculum

  • Virtual community - not on Facebook

  • Original support materials

  • Personal email support between sessions

  • Guidance & recommendations on next steps on your Reiki Path

  • Dedicated day and time reserved for you 

  • Dedicated Zoom link unique you

  • Automatic monthly payments

Holding Plant



This package offers you the most support for soonest progress in achieving your dreams of enjoying a successful Reiki self-practice and moving forward with your chosen Reiki Path.


  • Regular sessions every week

  • Bring Reiki to Life Core Curriculum

  • Virtual community - not on Facebook

  • Original support materials

  • Personal email support between sessions

  • Guidance & recommendations on next steps on your Reiki Path

  • Dedicated day and time reserved for you 

  • Dedicated Zoom link unique to you

  • Automatic monthly payments

Mountain Peak
Hiking Trail

What's next?

You may already have found the Reiki Path you'd like to pursue, or there may be several that beckon, including Community Care and perhaps others as well.

Once you've established your practice with Bringing Reiki to Life, and introduced your Community Reiki Practice, you'll be well prepared to succeed on your journey, wherever it takes you from here.

You may want to continue to deepen your Community Care Practice or expand into other Community Care specialties, or even combine several Paths listed here, such as volunteering and working with children, or starting a business and speaking or writing about your experiences.

There's no hurry and I encourage you to be patient, however excited you feel, and to savor each step along the way.

You may even create your own unique Reiki Path beyond those listed here, and I'll be happy to support you as best I can, wherever Reiki leads you. 


The possibilities are endless!  Yet the starting point is right here, right now.  Let's take that first step together.


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