Reiki Training

Reiki is a beautifully simple and powerful technique that can only be passed from teacher to student directly through attunements that activate the student's healing ability.  Some classroom information is included in the training, but the main body of learning is physical and intuitive, not intellectual.

Usui Reiki Training in the tradition I study progresses through four levels:

Level 1 includes the initial healing activation and gives an introduction to the history of Reiki and how to do a treatment on oneself and others.  Self-practice is emphasized from the beginning, as the foundation of Reiki practice, as well as the Reiki principles and ethics, described below.  Practice on one's family and friends also begins in Level 1. 

Level 2 teaches the student to send Reiki through meditation or prayer across space and time, allowing the practitioner to share healing with absent clients, friends or family members.  Special ancient symbols are learned which add to the healing power of the student's Reiki practice in addition to another attunement given by the teacher to each student.  Self-practice and living in alignment with Reiki principles and ethics continue and develop through all the levels.

Level 3 is known as the Master level.  Students ideally seek Master level training if they are dedicated to Reiki as a way of life, including service to others whether professionally, as described below, or in family and community.  It is not just another class to take or another title to add to one's collection, nor is it appropriate for someone who simply wants more power.  Reiki 1 awakens the power in the student, and it is ultimately their practice and Divine guidance that determine their success.  In the Master Level training, more symbols are learned and another attunement is given.

The fourth level is Teacher Training.  Not every Reiki Master is called to teach, but every Reiki teacher must become a Master first.  It is not enough to merely take the Master level training as a prerequisite; one must continue to practice, develop and share the work, in order to gain the experience necessary to teach Reiki competently.  Teacher training confers the ability and knowledge to pass on the attunements that are the only way to activate Reiki healing in students from Level 1 forward.  "Sensei" is the Japanese word for master-teacher, and I believe this title can only be earned by a Reiki Master-Teacher who is devoted to service as well as self-care, and who teaches and supports others in the Reiki community.  An additional attunement is given in the Teacher Training.

I continue to support students after each level of training to ensure that Reiki is being used and cultivated, honored and explored as widely and deeply as possible.  Each Level is generally taught in a two-part workshop, yet the true education unfolds throughout the life of the student, especially with a teacher's continuing support.  There will be questions and observations the student will want to share, and I am happy to witness and guide students' development throughout their lifelong Reiki practice, for instance, through my Weekly Reiki Seminar.


Reiki training is a beautiful path that can powerfully benefit anyone who steps into the stream of Reiki healing and lineage.

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