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We'Moon is an unparalleled collection of women's/womyn's/we'moon's art and writing from around the world  - and out of this world!  Astrological information, seasonal celebrations, lunar calendars in multiple forms, and so many other kinds of Earthy wisdom and cosmic insight all wrapped up in one delightful package, and there's still plenty of room for your own notes, every day of the year.


We'Moon 2024's theme is "Lumincations" and reflects the Waxing Half Moon phase of the lunar cycle, following last year's "Silver Lining" theme.  Spiral or flat binding.


Order while supplies last, which won't be long!  These are so popular they often sell out even from the publisher.


Published every year by Mother Tongue Ink.

We'Moon 2024 Gorgeous Datebook with Worldwide Women's Art & Writing

  • My love affair with We'Moon began almost 30 years ago, at the West 25th Street Book Store in Cleveland.  I no longer use my We'Moon as a datebook, relying now on electronic calendars, but I haven't considered giving up the annual treat of opening each year's new We'Moon and savoring the delicious feel of the pages, the moving words that melt off the pages into my heart, and the vibrant images that swirl in my mind when I close my eyes.

    Now I use the blank spaces for my own reflections of gratitude, affirmations and even kind words to myself.  I encourage you to do the same, or to use it in any way that suits you.  It's the best kind of book: filled with incredible, inspiring writing and art - and with space for you to create your own!

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