The Vermont Boot Bracelet Company offers unique hand-spun, hand-woven accessories made from beautiful wool, alpaca and mohair in lovely natural shades and environmentally-friendly dyed festive colors.

The Vershire Women's Wellness Circle offers safe and supportive space and activities for women and girls, thereby enhancing the overall well-being of the whole community.

If you were at the Springfield Vermont Steampunk Festival in September you may have met the

Amazing Madame Snapdragon & Dashing Sir Reptitious in our Spiritualist Steampunk Reiki Revival tent.  We had a great time offering Reiki to weary festival goers and vendors.

Horse Sense creates a safe and caring space for kids to interact with horses and other animals, and to learn about themselves and other humans as well.  This is a project of VerShare as part of the Vershire Summer Camp.

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