Recharge your Reiki power

Activate the full potential of Reiki in every area of your life!

Why did you first learn Reiki?

What's still missing?

Yoga at Home

Find the calm center in the storm of your life

Clearer mind to make better decisions


Connect with Divine guidance and know you're never alone

Better health, restful sleep,

more energy


Be a leader in your life, family and community.


What hand positions to use?

How long should I practice?

Practice on myself or others?


Am I doing it right?

Is it working?

What should it feel like?


How can I understand Reiki?

What did I even learn in class?

What do I need to know?


Who can help me?

How can I learn more?

Do I need more training?

It's time to


Jumpstart Your Reiki Revival!

      A new 6-week personalized coaching program      

Enjoy Expert Coaching

I'm Dawn Hancy, Reiki Master Teacher, and I'll be with you every step of the way, personalizing content and guidance for your unique Reiki path and practice, for your life.

Revive Your Personal Practice

You'll learn to find your own best practices, routines, timing and solutions that meet your needs and goals, with my help and support, even if you've just taken one Reiki class long ago.   

Receive Reiki Healing

You're not meant to do this alone, and self-Reiki practice isn't enough.  Relax and enjoy Virtual Reiki for deep healing on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

When you

Jumpstart Your Reiki Revival

you'll receive

  • 6 weekly 1-hour video coaching calls to bring your Reiki practice alive and answer your questions so you can use your Reiki superpower to enhance every area of your life

  • Customized supporting materials appropriate for your training level, interests and goals, curated specially for you from my library and expertise accumulated over 12 years of Reiki experience

  • Virtual Reiki Session for deeper transformation and healing, because there's nothing like letting someone else care for you, for once, and you deserve it!

  • Email support between sessions because I want to support you in building your daily practice and bringing your Reiki power to your real life challenges

All for just $997

Enroll today and within 24 hours you'll receive a personalized Welcome Bundle that I'll put together just for you to help get you started even before our first call together.


Q:  Do I need previous Reiki training to enroll in the Personal Reiki Revival?

A:  Yes, this is for anyone with any level of training that included an attunement, placement, ignition or initiation, even if it was a long time ago.

Q:  Is this a Done-For-You program?

A:  No - it will require your participation in order for you to bring Reiki into your life as only you can, and I'll support you in creating a personal practice that you can cultivate for the rest of your life.

Q:  Can I get more than one Reiki session?

A:  Yes, you can upgrade to the Personal Reiki Revival Unlimited level for literally an unlimited number of Virtual Reiki sessions for deeper healing during your six-week program.  Just click here for this option.

Q:  Where will my Reiki session take place?

A:  I'm not seeing any clients in person at this time, for the safety of everyone involved, and I'm grateful that Virtual Reiki is just as effective, wherever you are.

Q:  Can I make payments?

A:  Yes, you can divide your enrollment fee into two payments of $499, one due at the time of enrollment and the other three weeks later, or halfway through the program.  Just click here to make a payment.

Q:  Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

A:  You are entitled to a full refund if the program fails to help support you in cultivating your own personal Reiki practice, as long as you have made significant effort throughout the six-week program, but not if you just change your mind.  I'm showing up for you with love and dedication, and I honor your commitment to do the same, not only for me, but most of all for yourself and your life.

Still not sure if Reiki Revival is right for you?

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