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Everything you need to jumpstart your Reiki and relaxation practice, or shore up your current routine, is right here in these four elements.

The Learn 2 Relax Practice Guide will teach you all the tools you need to begin relaxing your body, mind, heart and spirit, right now.  Watch it all the way through first, or pause it each time you reach an exercise you want to practice.

Listening to Discover Your Optimal Wellness is a nice way to relax at the beginning or end of your day, or any time you need a break.

The 1-Minute Journey from Stress to Wellness is a helpful guide to a simple practice you can learn to master in a minute, with a little practice.

In your Personal Reiki Revival Coaching Sessions, we'll discuss your progress, struggles and ways you can keep moving toward your optimal wellness and most satisfying and successful Reiki practice.

My wish is for all the elements of this toolkit to unleash your natural healing power, your brilliance, your joy and your inspiration.

Relax and enjoy!


Learn 2 Relax Practice Guide

Video Mini-Course


Discover Your Optimal Wellness

Audio Meditation

Discover Your Optimal WellnessDawn Hancy
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1-Minute Journey from Stress to Success

graphic Guide

Download a PDF version here ->

Personal Reiki Revival Coaching

Let's schedule your first coaching session.

You are also entitled to a Virtual Reiki Session, and you can schedule that here as well.


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