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Virtual Reiki Supports Wellness - Wherever You Are!

Relax and rejuvenate with a Virtual Reiki session, safe in your own home!

Reiki is a remarkable healing art that commonly helps relieve pain and anxiety, and increases calm and clear thinking by supporting each person’s whole wellbeing, rather than claiming to cure any particular illness. Reiki enhances our mind-body systems that work hard every day, with every breath, to help us stay well and to recover from illness and injury.

Everyone can afford to benefit from Virtual Reiki because all sessions are pay-what-you-can during this challenging economic time, so you can take advantage of this opportunity today. I know we’ll all be stronger for the effort we put into our own self-care and willingness to receive support from each other. People are understandably stressed, and burnout is a very real danger, so please consider Virtual Reiki to reduce your stress and empower your natural healing systems now, before the situation escalates any further.

You can easily set up your free wellness consultation at now. I am here for you, and I’ll help guide you to make the best wellness choices for yourself, your family and your community, to the best of my ability, as a Reiki Master and trained advocate, hospital chaplain, former librarian and homeschool mom. If I can’t offer what you need, I’ll refer you to other community resources.

Testimonials from my Virtual Reiki clients:

“I was actually having a very hard night/morning. My blood pressure has gone very high and wasn’t responding much to meds. Pounding headache, the bp numbers would come down for a while then shoot up again. It finally stopped and went back to normal about 10am.“ [Our Virtual Reiki session was at 9:00] Miche Meizner, Oregon

"My first Reiki experience ever was a [Virtual] session with Dawn. It was beautiful, enlightening, and peaceful.” Hillary Leicher, Vermont

This post was previously published on the Randolph, Vermont Front Porch Forum on March 24, 2020.


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