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Seasons of Magic

The Wheel of the Year turns on and on, bearing us through each season of celebration, growth and decay, learning and healing.  Seasons of Magic celebrates 8 seasons with programs of evolutionary healing and education, including Reiki, a series of Guidebooks, live programs, personal wellness support, and safe, sacred community - and more.  Every season has its beauty, its challenges, its surprises - like life!  We can gain strength and guidance from the cycles of the natural world for our greater well-being and better service to a world in need of our gifts.

The Seasons of Magic Cycle


is a year-round series of 8 programs that celebrate Solstices, Equinoxes and Cross-Quarter Holidays, blending Science and Spirituality in a unique partnership of Practical Spiritual Magic that ignites our own conscious healing and evolution as we travel together around the Wheel of the Year.

Each of the 8 programs has "its central holiday along with other symbols or correspondences that create a network of patterns to help us work with the energies of each season for our own greatest well-being and in harmony with Nature... Each season’s theme offers us a focus for our own growth that can mirror the progress of the year.  They include introspection and interaction with the world through suggested exercises, prompts, challenges, meditations and other activities... "


         - excerpt from The Seasons of Magic Cycle: A Basic Guidebook 

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 Loving Ourselves & Our World

honoring Mother's Day, Beltane, Earth Day & Vermont's own Green-up Day!


This Sunday, May 13 at Vision of Light Church of Spiritualism & Healing

10:00 program, healing service & message circle

Potluck at noon

1:00 Sister Circle of Brotherly Love - language, Love, sex and gender


Come for part or all of our time together

All are welcome to this safe, sacred gathering of sharing and support

We'll explore the 4 kinds of love identified by the ancient Greeks - or were there 8?

Discover the difference between personal love and Divine Love - and why they're both important!

Talk followed by open discussion.