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Bask in sumptuous surroundings


Imagine immersing yourself in the gentle and powerful energy of Healing Activation with Reiki 1 for a whole weekend, two and a half days of fascinating education and attunement to the natural and profound power that is Reiki.  Set in the beautiful Vermont countryside, you will find sanctuary and support in a small group learning together how to awaken and practice this modern form of healing, wellness support and spiritual development that is related to many ancient paths and more recent scientific discoveries.  You'll have plenty of time to relax and absorb what you're learning as well as opportunities to practice on yourself and others in a safe and fun atmosphere.  Delight in a weekend getaway, complete with delicious and nutritious locally-sourced meals, guided or freestyle meditation, comfortable lodgings and the gorgeous Green Mountain landscape, while transforming your world with this significant first step on the path of Reiki practice and training.  You may decide Level 1 is all you ever need to maintain your optimal wellbeing and help others around you, or you may continue with Level 2 in the future, but this retreat is a complete stand-alone course that will awaken your healing gifts, now and forever.

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