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Reiki training is unique in its ability to activate the healing power of Reiki in any student within a matter of moments.


Classes also cover the history of Reiki, how it works, the Reiki community, and ethics and principles that accompany the technique, yet it is very different from conventional education.  There are no tests or grades and no possibility of failing.  Study is highly individualized and continues well after the class is over - ideally for the rest of the student's life as each cultivates their own personal Reiki practice.


Reiki healing energy itself is the ultimate teacher, with the Reiki Master Teacher providing the attunement that activates Reiki in the student as well as information in class and various forms of continuing support.  Once you take a Reiki class with me at any level, I am honored to continue to support you on your journey of healing and evolution as Reiki unfolds for you naturally.  I am always happy to hear your questions and experiences, and I love creating new educational materials to help clarify and inspire your path of discovery.

That's why I have created the Reiki Wellness Success System to ensure that Reiki practitioners at any level can fully integrate Reiki into all areas of life for the most easeful work-life balance based on Optimal Wellness, which is unique for each person in each moment and phase of life.

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