The Five Reiki Principles

Dr. Usui (left) formulated these five principles for Reiki students & practitioners based on the teachings of the Japanese Emperor of his time.  They have been passed down from teacher to student to this day.


Here is an image of the principles in Japanese with a traditional translation beneath it. Below is my own interpretation.

In this mindful moment...

Instead of anger, I choose to transcend conflict, seeking peaceful resolution in every situation.

Instead of worry, I choose faith that I am always Divinely guided to the right path for me.

Instead of greed or scarcity, I choose Gratitude, responsibility for manifesting my intentions and resourcefulness in receiving the blessings that are all around me.

Instead of merely working hard to prove my right to exist, I balance hard work with soft work, developing my intuition & holistic practice, in service to the Great Work of partnering with Earth for Her healing & conscious evolution & our own.

Instead of judgement, competition or separation, I choose compassion for all beings, partnership and Oneness.

Just for today...

I will not anger.

I will not worry.

I will be grateful.

I will work hard.

I will have compassion for all beings.

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