This is the transformational moment where you decide to cross that threshold and never go back.  Together we will create the path that will take you to that magical place of peace and power within yourself where you've always longed to be, and you can live from that place, from now on.

On this 6-month Quest, you will claim 5 Essential Keys to open the doors to Your Optimal Wellness, the foundation for true Success.  These 5 Keys will touch every part of your life and awaken your natural vitality and brilliance, bring harmony to your relationships, equip you with powerful tools and transformational practices, and empower you to create the most beautiful vision of your life that you hold in your heart and believe must be possible.  You may be inspired to make big outward changes or simply improve the quality of your life experience to be more joyful, fulfilling and purposeful right where you are.

You’ll also learn to integrate the 4 Natural Elements, meet and embody 3 Classic Archetypes and immerse yourself in 2 Aspects of Empowerment that will transform your understanding of wellness and personal evolution forever.  The Essential Art of Reiki offers a strong and gentle foundation throughout the program through virtual Reiki sessions you'll receive and Reiki teachings we'll explore.

You are welcome to participate whether you have had Reiki training or not, as the techniques we'll share are available to all, and this support is often missing in basic Reiki training programs.  This is not a Reiki practitioner training program but will prepare you for Reiki training, if you choose to pursue it, with a broad and deep foundation of self-care and empowerment to make the most of your Reiki or other wellness practices.

This Quest is not limited to women, but holds respect for women and the feminine, as well as authentic expression and experience of diversity, as central to our balanced wellbeing.

This will be a small, intimate group, so enroll today and get started right away.

In addition to the benefits of Achieving Optimal Wellness, you'll enjoy other engaging offerings, including

  • 12 (bi-weekly average) 30-minute Relaxing & Rejuvenating Virtual or In-person Reiki Sessions

  • 12 (bi-weekly) 90-minute Zoom Wellness Circles

  • Lessons and activities to embody the 5 Keys to Optimal Wellness and other teachings in multiple formats (audio, video, written)

  • Optional homework, exercises and practices

  • Caring, committed virtual community

  • Personal email support and guidance with Dawn

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