Reiki Healing supports your natural healing systems

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Rejuvenating Reiki Session

Enjoy a full-body Reiki treatment designed to enhance your natural healing, immunity, intelligence and intuition.  Based on a series of traditional hand positions that correspond to vital organs, chakras and other energy centers, we will work together to create the best experience for you.  Clients typically lie down as for a massage, but fully clothed (except shoes).  Gentle Reiki touch can be directly on or near the surface of the body.  Treat yourself to a relaxing respite from stress, pain and anxiety and let your natural wellbeing shine.


A typical Reiki session lasts up to two hours including time for questions, insights and wellness support.  $140

6-session Ongoing Healing Support Package

More than one session is often needed to support complete healing or attain optimal wellbeing.  You can schedule the six sessions in this package weekly, monthly, or perhaps even daily if necessary.  Reiki works beautifully along with other health care systems, enhancing your own natural healing ability and helping you to discover new possibilities in your health and in your life.  Many people find extended ongoing Reiki treatments to be life-changing, bringing them to new levels of wellness never attained before.  Between sessions, your body will continue to process the healing energy unleashed in our work together, and you may find yourself sleeping better, suffering less pain, enjoying improved relationships, feeling more enthusiasm for life, or other positive results.

Package sessions typically last one and a half hours.  $597

Give the Gift of Reiki! 

All Essential Arts Reiki offerings are available to give as gifts to someone you know would appreciate some wellness support with a personal, safe, caring, healing touch.  The gentle power of Reiki is the perfect gift for acknowledging someone important to you.

You can even purchase one for yourself, and put it away for that moment during the year when you'll just know you need a little extra support - you deserve it!

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