My Priestess Path

 I live my Priestess Path every day, but as an ideal to strive for, not a measure of perfection.  It's not just something I do in a formal ritual.  I do it by practicing the integration of my Higher Mind with my intellect, feelings and physical experiences.  I embody my soul.

I do this as soon as I wake up, by placing one or both of my hands on my crown chakra and letting Reiki start to flow.  I do it by greeting my home and thanking it for holding me and my family in its safe, warm and loving  embrace.  I do it when I greet my husband mindfully with "Good morning" or "Welcome home" instead of starting our time together with a list of things to do, or worse yet complaints.

I "priestess" as a verb, any time I'm consciously sensing and directing Essential energies like Reiki or intuition.  And I do it on other levels of consciousness - there are so many, I hesitate to lump them all together as "unconscious" - while dreaming or meditating or practicing Reiki, for instance, or in ritual.


It feels like both letting go and focusing in - not "trying" but gently intending and sensing both within myself and from the world around me, including the unseen world as well as the physical one.  

My Priestess Path is also a ministry of sorts.  I volunteer with a local crisis center, a hospice program, a hospital chaplaincy and a free summer camp for kids.  My priestess ministry is a fundamental purpose of both my paid and volunteer work.  Money isn't what makes me feel like a professional, it's the work I do, whom I can help, what positive impact I can have. 


Sometimes the most powerful priestessing I can do is literally to sit quietly yet mindfully next to someone sleeping peacefully.  Or to answer the phone and just listen, without making anything happen.  That actually takes practice, getting just the right balance of attentiveness and non-interference.  I am honored to do this work.


Other times it's being active, or activist, whether attending demonstrations or helping to organize events designed to address the problems of our community.  Sure, everyone can do this, and I did it long before I considered myself a priestess, yet now I have an easier time detaching from the drama and stress of these situations.  Instead I send Reiki into the room, the crowd, and offer compassion, and pray to become aware of the greatest good that can come from the situation.  It's a lot more fun than simply raging against monolithic oppression.  And, I think, more effective.

I certainly attempt show up as a priestess in my own life when there's challenge or crisis.  Offering Reiki, a kind word, a listening ear or a silent witnessing presence can be deeply transformational to someone experiencing fear, pain, illness, confusion or exhaustion, and I am happy to help.  I, myself, often pray for guidance in times of stress, turn worries into affirmations, doubts into positive intentions, send Reiki to troublesome issues and practice tuning into my guides and intuition for guidance through life's struggles.  I try to remember the healing alchemy that naturally takes place in my body and mind when I slow down whirling thoughts and feelings, gently hold the tension or fear, and allow transformation and clarity to arise and emerge.

My Priestess Path is an ethical roadmap as well.  I follow the ethical teachings of many traditions from mindfulness and personal responsibility to compassion and social justice.  Actually, the various traditions mostly teach the same ethical foundations.  However, there are a few interesting variations.  For instance, I don't always stick to the Golden Rule.  I certainly don't want to be treated the way some people treat themselves.  And not everyone wants the same thing I want.  Also, I tend to follow the Wiccan Rede, "As it harms none, do what ye will," rather than a long list of vices and virtues.  


And I'm always learning.  That's the foundation of my offerings, whether I learn from my teachers and coaches, from my students and clients, from animal companions, from Gaia Herself, from Spirit, from my human sisters and brothers.  And I look forward to learning with you as we co-create this glorious adventure, Awakening to the Priestess Path.

Love & blessings to you, Friend,



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