If only someone was there to help you gently unplug from busy-ness and boredom and show you how to enjoy calm, quiet time instead of resorting to endless distraction or going full-speed until you crash.

Learn 2 Relax is a new program from Essential Arts that gets right down to the basics, right away to help you

  • improve your health and wellbeing

  • strengthen your immune system

  • clear and quiet your busy mind

  • handle waves of emotion without going under

  • find meaning and deeper spiritual connection even in times of tragedy

Select the option below that's perfect for your needs and your budget.  I know you'll want to invest all the time and resources you can in your wellbeing at this critical moment.

The Learn 2 Relax Starter Kit includes these all-original materials:

  1. Learn 2 Relax video instruction

  2. Discover Your Optimal Wellness audio meditation

  3. 1-Minute Journey from Stress to Wellness

  4. Welcoming Optimal Wellness consultation call


and it's FREE!  This package valued at $40 is my gift to you to help you through these tough times and start to create a healthier, more calm and energized way of being.  CLICK HERE for your free Learn 2 Relax Starter Kit, and get started today on the way to a happier, healthier way of life.

If the do-it-yourself Learn 2 Relax Starter Kit doesn't sound like enough support to get you free from the grip of stress and anxiety, the Learn 2 Relax Intro Package offers you my personal guidance as well as the power of Reiki, a safe, gentle and transformative energetic healing art that can effectively be sent over any distance.  This package is now just $47 or half-price so I can personally help as many people as possible to live better lives even in the midst of turmoil. CLICK HERE to unlock your Learn 2 Relax Intro Package and schedule your Virtual Reiki session and wellness consultation call.

And if you're looking for ongoing personal guidance and Reiki healing support over the next few months, you are welcome to join Sustaining Optimal Wellness, a monthly membership that includes a Virtual Reiki session and wellness consultation each month,  a small group to share your healing journey, discounts on additional sessions, and extra support materials.  Sustaining Optimal Wellness is just $97 per month, but there are a limited number of memberships available to keep the group small and intimate, and to give each member individual support.  CLICK HERE FOR Sustaining Optimal Wellness monthly membership and receive your Learn 2 Relax Starter Kit right away, along with access to my booking calendar so you can set up our first call and your first Reiki session.

But for the most ongoing healing support and flexibility I've created the Unlimited Optimal Wellness quarterly membership.  Like the name says, you'll enjoy an unlimited number of Virtual Reiki sessions and wellness consultation calls, as well as the small group support and additional materials.  This level is limited to just 3 members because you'll receive so much more access to me and choice in scheduling, and is just $950 for 3 months, which will actually result in savings if you book a session even just once a week. 


The Unlimited Optimal Wellness membership is ideal

  • if you suffer from a chronic condition and want some relief and improved quality of life

  • if you are currently recovering from an illness or injury, planning surgery and anticipating a recuperation period when you will need pain management and emotional support

  • or if you just want to know someone is beside you all the way as you navigate the difficulties of daily living as we actually re-create the world as mindfully as we can in this time of great transition and opportunity. 


CLICK HERE to enroll in the Unlimited Optimal Wellness quarterly membership, begin with the Learn 2 Relax Starter Kit and start scheduling your Virtual Reiki sessions and wellness consultation calls right away.

© Last updated May 24, 2020 by Dawn Hancy