Day 1: Solidarity

Welcome to the Coronavirus Care Package, 6 days of free offerings and a new program to help you Learn 2 Relax and establish your own foundation of optimal wellness during troubled times

Here's the story behind the song

On the morning of April 7 I woke up from a dream where people were singing this song in a big group (not happening right now with social distancing!) and I wondered what song it was because it sounded familiar.


Then it kept coming to me, and I got this feeling that maybe I was supposed to bring the song into the world, and gradually the tune became clear.  The next day, the first line of lyrics came to me, and then the following day the second line, and that was it!


I knew it was meant to be shared, and I'm deeply grateful to you for listening.  May it bring you at least a moment of peace and inspiration, and most of all in this challenging time, solidarity.  I'm with you in the struggle and healing.

Here We Are

Thanks for listening!  I'm a bit out of practice with both the piano keys and the vocal chords, and I had to re-teach myself to notate the bass clef, but I really wanted to share this with you as soon as possible, so I hope my humble performance is able to get across the message that I care about you, and I'm here for you.

And I know that for some people home and family are not always safe and comfortable, the way they should be, so my hope and prayer in this song is that we can all become a little closer by remembering that we're all children of Mother Nature, living on this gorgeous and magical planet together.  May it be so.

Pay It Forward

Feel free to share this Care Package with anyone you know who could use some uplifting support.  Just invite them to sign up for this 6-part series at

Coming tomorrow, Day 2: Compassion

Watch your inbox tomorrow for a video interview with a Reiki client and student of mine who has found an extraordinary new level of optimal wellness and success in her life as well as deeper compassion for herself, along with a simple compassion practice you can learn.

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