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Discover and activate your passion, power and purpose with education that is essentially directed by you, with personal guidance and  support.  Essential Arts transforms education into a way of living custom designed to provide you with the information and inspiration you need to awaken your Higher Intelligence: creativity, intuition and transformational energy. 

Essential Arts Online Courses


Currently in development are Life Zone Mandalas, Breathing Abundance and EcoTypes.  Check back soon for enrollment dates and sign up for the Essential Arts email list to be sure you receive a notification as soon as they're available.


Online courses will be largely self-directed with support from me, Dawn Hancy, via phone and/or email.  I am very excited to offer these totally original courses that demonstrate and teach creative, intuitive and transformational skills I really use in my life and that I want to share with others.  There is so much more to learning than just training our intellects to act like computers - we are glorious beings of innovation, aesthetics, problem-solving, visioning, celebration and more!

Essential Arts Consulting


A personal consultation can help you decide what direction to take in your healing, education and empowerment by offering you my perspective, experience and tools for living in a beautiful emerging new world of health, harmony and prosperity on this sacred planet that also preserves the best parts of our human heritage.  I look forward to supporting you in finding a mission and stretegy to help make this not only possible but successful in the way that is most uniquely empowering for you.


Contact me via phone or email to schedule a half-hour Essential Arts phone or online chat consultation with follow-up email.  $35

Essential Arts Coaching


Creative, intuitive and transformational guidance, education and support to help you completely reinvigorate your way of life and being - that's what Essential Arts Coaching offer you with a series of strategies and tools custom-designed for you and with you.  You have innate abilities you haven't yet discovered as well as a few dreams that seem to be stuck in first gear or possibly in park, maybe even reverse!  Your frustration, desire and inspiration are all magic at work, calling you forward, beckoning you to envision something different from anything you've ever known, yet sometimes it feels so familiar.


I would love to help you explore and combine your own unique passion, power and purpose in this emerging world of healing and transformation.  Don't be fooled by the doomsayers and fear-mongers, for you know in your heart that great and wonderful things are arising now - and you want to be part of it, to help create this great work of art that is humanity on a beautiful and sacred Earth.  Let's do this together.  Call or email for a preliminary consultation and we'll create an empowering program for you.

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