Day 5: Gratitude

Today you'll learn about gratitude - our other superpower

I'm grateful for you

This has been an amazing week so far, and we've still tomorrow to look forward to.  I'm excited that many of you got started yesterday with the brand new Learn 2 Relax program, and there's still room for more.

Today you can listen to Miche tell the story of a time when she was extremely grateful for the healing power of Reiki.  Then learn the Gratitude Alphabet below.

Interview with Miche Meizner

Do you ever start to make a list of what you're grateful for and get stuck trying to think of things?


One solution to that is the Gratitude Alphabet, a technique I've learned and adapted from the book The Joy Plan by Kaia Roman.  Her approach is just to think of things we're grateful for, one for each letter of the alphabet.


I take it one step further and often give the Gratitude Alphabet a theme.  It's fun to think of foods we're grateful for, or people in our lives.  My husband and I sometimes do this together, trading letters back and forth, even focusing sometimes on the theme of ways we're grateful for each other.  That's a great relationship strengthener!


You might find as we do that some letters are easier than others to find words for, so we have made an exception for the letter "x" in which any word containing the letter "x" counts, so everything doesn't have to be xylophone.


Now I suggest you use the Gratitude Alphabet to think one thing for every letter that you are grateful for - about yourself!  Don't worry, it's not egotistical, it's healthy to appreciate yourself.  You have lots of good qualities, and this is a perfect time to give them some love and attention.

Download a PDF version here ->

Coming tomorrow, Day 6: Success

Tomorrow we celebrate our journey together this far, and contemplate exciting possibilities for the future.

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