Day 4: Inspiration

Today we unveil the full Learn 2 Relax program

It's time to take inspired action

Give yourself credit - you've made it this far!

Maybe you've learned a new song this week, practiced compassion or tried a pleasant breathing exercise.  Or maybe this is the first email you've clicked through. 


You did it!

Now comes the fun part. 

You get to select the program level that's perfect for your wellness goals and intentions.

I've had a lot of fun creating this program for you and I look forward to working with you and seeing you flourish!

Which level to choose?

Here's a sneak peek at your options to help you decide.

Still looking for more inspiration? 

Head over to the Essential Arts blog for "Inspiration In a Time of Pandemic."

Coming tomorrow, Day 5: Gratitude

We'll hear from another friend and client about her amazing healing experience, and learn a fun gratitude-building practice.

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