Day 2: Compassion

Today you'll find out why compassion - for ourselves and others - is our superpower

Here's a glimpse of Hillary's story

"My first Reiki experience ever was a distance session with Dawn.  It was beautiful, enlightening, and peaceful.  As I listened to her speak of her own experience during our Reiki session, I was in awe.  I felt as if she had been standing beside me, or looking through my own mind's eye.  As I have continued to work with Dawn, I have had many marvelous Reiki sessions. And I have learned so much about myself."

Hillary J. Leicher, Randolph, Vermont

This was long before the current pandemic situation forced me to pivot my entire business to virtual offerings, several years ago, in fact.  Hillary is now an advanced Reiki student with Essential Arts, even serving others in the community.  Her physical and mental health have improved drastically, she's working at a more satisfying and lucrative job, and her home and family life have even been transformed profoundly in positive ways.


I'm not saying this was all because of her Reiki sessions.  But it is true that this has all happened since she first took a chance on Virtual Reiki when she was in the midst of a health crisis, and then stuck with it, even receiving weekly sessions for months at a time over the years we've worked together.

Interview with Hillary Leicher

My greatest joy is witnessing the beautiful unfolding of each person's healing journey as they find their own path by the strength of their own natural healing ability and unique talents and desires, and I'm so grateful and honored to support every person I work with in discovering and achieving their unique optimal wellness, whether through Reiki healing sessions and classes or other personal wellness guidance.

I would love to share this wonderful gift with you as well, awakening your own natural healing ability and personal growth.  It all begins with learning to relax, and I'll share more about this with you over the next few days, so keep watching your inbox!

Meanwhile, here's your compassion practice for the day, so you can get started right away.  View it on this page or click below the image for a PDF version.

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Coming tomorrow, Day 3: Balance

Watch your inbox tomorrow for some perspective on achieving that elusive quality of balance, along with a video that will teach you a versatile breathing practice you can learn to restore equilibrium in any situation.

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