What is Reiki?

Reiki is a complementary wellness support service offered at many hospitals, private practices and community events, and holistic personal practice to help relieve pain, anxiety and other discomfort, and to promote relaxation, healing and general wellbeing.  While Reiki is often delivered through a practitioner’s hands gently placed on or near the recipient for several minutes or more, Virtual Reiki (VR) is also effectively delivered over long distances.  


Can Reiki Help Me?


Everyone can benefit from Reiki!

Reiki can help with any condition or level of health, including

  • individuals of any age, gender, health condition or other characteristics

  • parents and families of all kinds

  • caregivers, teachers, helping professionals, community volunteers, clergy

  • couples at any stage of relationship

  • work, project or other teams

  • athletes and sports enthusiasts

  • medical personnel, first responders

  • healing arts practitioners in other modalities

  • people in recovery or struggling with addictions

  • people with chronic conditions or acute illness or injury


Common physical, mental, emotional and spiritual reasons

people use Reiki include

  • relief from pain, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia

  • preventing, preparing for and recovering from illness, injury, surgery and other crises

  • managing chronic conditions

  • calm and comfort along with first aid and other appropriate actions in emergencies

  • relaxation and ease during childbirth, end of life care, and other life transitions 

  • aging gracefully, continuing personal growth throughout life

  • mental alertness, concentration, creative inspiration, emotional balance, sensitivity and strength

  • developing intuition, spiritual connection and guidance, life purpose, outside a formal religion or in harmony with any tradition

  • supporting holistic wellbeing as a way of life


How Does Virtual Reiki Work?

The client sits or reclines comfortably as you would for meditation or a rest, preferably in a quiet place where you won't be distracted.


You don't need to have meditation experience to receive Virtual Reiki, though it can help you learn to meditate or improve your practice.  Most of the time clients simply relax into the bliss of Reiki and find at the end of the session that time has passed quickly yet they feel refreshed and comfortable.



Before your session you will fill out an online intake form that helps you to reflect on your wellness goals and health condition, and to share that information with me.  However, your Virtual Reiki treatment is not limited to any symptoms or areas, as Reiki supports your whole system, and your body and mind will use it in the best way for your greatest good.  During the session, I will send you Virtual Reiki through a special technique learned in advanced Reiki training.

I will check in with you online at the beginning of your VR session, and again shortly afterward.  I am always happy to continue to support you and to receive feedback after the session.  It is common for clients to have questions or notice their experiences after a Reiki treatment, as the process continues long after the session, since it is your own healing systems that are stimulated.


Reiki Training is for Everyone



Everyone can learn Reiki because it's our natural healing ability that's activated with an energetic attunement.  It only takes a few minutes, and the effect is immediate and permanent.

The rest of the training provides information and support to help students cultivate their own self-care and healing practice, such as

  • how Reiki developed as a unique system of wellness practice and healing

  • how Reiki positively affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

  • how to use Reiki in your real life for your own greatest wellbeing and to help others

Classes are fun and casual, with lots of room for discussion and questions, real life examples, and practice, and the homework is also relaxed and enjoyable.

Reiki training is not complicated or overly academic, with no in-depth study or memorization required.  In fact, I encourage students not to read too much about Reiki, and that may be a surprize to those who know me as a bookworm, homeschool mom and librarian!


Most education is focused on intellectual information and making things happen mentally, while Reiki is very intuitive, flexible, self-teaching and forgiving.

Once your practice is established, you may want to learn more, whether by reading or meeting with other Reiki practitioners, which can be done through online groups and videoconferencing, and I'll help with that.

Yes, Reiki is amazingly adaptable! I'll be teaching the basic information about Reiki background and practice online, and helping you to cultivate your own successful personal practice through our online Zoom classroom meetings.

I am working with a small group of students to develop Virtual Reiki Attunements so that all Reiki training can be delivered effectively without any personal contact.  Please let me know if you are interested in participating in this fun experiment.  There is no risk and much to be gained!

We are in unusual times, which call for unusual measures.  I am doing research and consulting with my Reiki teachers and other colleagues to ensure that all Essential Arts programs remain at the highest standard of support for my students.  And I'm never done learning, myself!


Reiki is Affordable


All Essential Arts offerings are now available on a pay-what-you-can basis.  I want to make sure everyone who wants to benefit from Reiki is able to access my services during this uncertain economic time, so there really is an option for everyone.  

If you are able to pay full price for Reiki sessions or training, please do, so that I can remain in business, pay my bills, and also support what other businesses I can, especially small, local enterprises that are threatened.

If you can contribute to a scholarship fund to pay for Reiki sessions and training for others who are struggling financially, more people can benefit, and you may even save lives.

If you are out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic or otherwise financially challenged, please just contribute what you can toward your Reiki sessions or training.  I am grateful that the benefit and wellbeing you receive from Reiki can help you to get through this tough time, and I trust that you will pay it forward and/or pay full price when you can.

Please take advantage of this opportunity now!

Book a consultation, session or training here.


Reiki returns incredible value for every dollar or moment spent.  While Reiki is not a cure for COVID-19 or any other condition, it can help everyone achieve and maintain their Optimal Wellness at any time, and help us help each other.

This is a crucial time to use every possible effective resource for self-care, and Reiki is one of the most effective with the least risk.  At the very least it is relaxing, but it is so much more than that.  And relaxation has a deeply powerful effect on our immune systems.

When we are stressed, our nervous system is overstimulated and we may feel overwhelmed, which strains our other systems and can even shut them down.  This is how the fight-or-flight response works.  When we're upset or afraid, for instance, digestion slows or halts so we'll be ready to run away or face an enemy.  Another automatic response is to freeze or hide, but this isn't true relaxation, even if we're immobilized.

Relaxation and safety are necessary for our healing systems to function at their best.  While this pandemic situation isn't exactly safe, we can learn to create a more relaxed state deliberately, but it's hard to do this by ourselves.  We need support, especially in times like this, to trigger the tend-and-befriend physiological responses instead of the fight-or-flight instincts.  

Reiki provides both personal practice and shared wellness support.  Even a few sessions can begin to teach your mind and body to create habits of calm and relaxation, and Reiki training activates our natural healing gifts in a permanent transformation that can never be lost, and will only improve with training.

Compare the modest price of a few Reiki sessions or classes to medical bills, psychotherapy and other costs of illness and stress, as well as your quality of life.


Dawn Hancy, Reiki Master Teacher

Dawn loves introducing people to the surprizing simplicity and gentle power of Reiki, and helping practitioners discover and develop their Reiki path and practice.  


She has been studying and practicing Reiki since 2009 and continues to discover more beautiful gifts of Reiki every day through her self-Reiki, professional practice, teaching, volunteering and creating community wellness programs.


Dawn founded her private practice, The Essential Art of Reiki, and Integrated Community Resilience, a nonprofit program that brings Reiki and other wellness practices to populations with limited access and resources.  


She enjoys teaching and serving people of all ages with Reiki from children at camp to elders in nursing homes and even hospice patients and their families.


Dawn is the Reiki program coordinator at Gifford Medical Center and Orange County Coordinator and board member with the Vermont Reiki Association as well as a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. 


Her recent project, The Essential Art of Reiki on iFundWomen successfully completed Phase 1 of a crowdfunding campaign for a pilot project to expand her offerings to help people achieve Optimal Wellness and Success, and, with husband Phil Yacovella, to create Healing Hospitality in a Bed & Breakfast setting in central Vermont .


Reiki is truly holistic & complimentary

Reiki is compatible with any other medical or healing technique.  It cannot interfere with medicine, bandages, physical therapy, surgery or other treatments, and in fact, can only enhance their efficacy.  Reiki is not guaranteed to instantly cure any or all ills, but can always add a sense of calm and comfort, and will generally help relieve pain and accelerate healing by supporting the body's own natural healing systems.

Reiki is used along with massage, physical therapy, even chemotherapy, as well as any other healing modality or medical practice you can think of.  Mothers in labor appreciate the calm support and relaxation that helps minimize pain.  Hospice patients at the end of life find comfort and peace in their passing.  Reiki can often make headaches manageable while waiting for pain medication to take effect, or replace medication altogether.  Reiki is a powerful tool for any medical professional or healing practitioner from nursing staff to doctors to other support staff.

Reiki is similar to other spiritual and energy healing techniques such as Spiritualist healing, therapeutic touch, laying on of hands, shamanic healing, or Christian Science healing, yet is unique in the way it is taught and practiced, and in the way it works without draining the practitioner's energy or transmitting the illness or anxiety from the recipient to the practitioner as some other healing techniques can.  Reiki can also be a spiritual path, and even a beautiful way of life.

The Five Reiki Principles

Just for today...

I will not cultivate anger.

I will not cultivate worry.

I will practice gratitude.

I will be devoted to my inner and out work.

I will be be compassionate to myself and others

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