About Dawn Hancy, Reiki Master Teacher & Coach

I love introducing people to the surprizing simplicity and gentle power of Reiki, and helping practitioners discover and develop their Reiki path and practice.  


I have been studying and practicing Reiki since 2009 and continue to discover more beautiful gifts of Reiki every day through my self-Reiki, professional practice, teaching, volunteering and creating community wellness programs.


In the last five years, I have founded my private practice, The Essential Art of Reiki, and Integrated Community Resilience, a nonprofit program that brings Reiki and other wellness practices to populations with limited access and resources.  


I enjoy teaching and serving people of all ages with Reiki from children at camp to elders in nursing homes, survivors of trauma, and hospice patients and their families.

My recent project, The Essential Art of Reiki on iFundWomen successfully completed Phase 1 of a crowdfunding campaign for a pilot project to expand my offerings to help people achieve Optimal Wellness and Success. In Phase 2, with my husband Phil Yacovella, we intend to create the Vermont Virtual Event Center with Healing Hospitality in a historic central Vermont inn.