Magical Mud Season & Maple Syrup Meditation

Welcome to this moment of mud, maple and mystery, the miracle of early Spring. We will be taking a journey of celebration and revelation together, and I thank you for joining me. Sense yourself settling into your seat, bringing your awareness into your body, gently allowing your breath to relax and inhabit all your body, all your cells relaxing, melting into the space of your body. Now in your mind’s eye you realize the seat you are sitting on is in a vehicle. You are traveling in an automobile, a car or a truck, going down the road. You are driving through a winter wonderland with diamond sparkling snow all around, brilliant Sun shining down from bright patches of blue between white clou

Why Does Town Meeting Day Matter?

You may be amazed to learn that my answer to that question is... Emerging. Democracy in action - demonstrated here by knitting (think Dickens' Tale of Two Cities), reporting for the local paper via laptop, or following the proceedings in the printed Town Report. Ours is an emerging democracy, not a mature one, and certainly not a perfect, complete or pure one by any stretch of the imagination. Some say it is more of a republic than a democracy, and some say we're on a slippery slope toward fascism and away from democracy altogether. Yikes. Democracy is an ideal, not a foregone conclusion, and not something we had once and then lost. There are no "good old days" to return to since we haven

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