It's Time to Celebrate!

We're just finishing up the 7-day Passion Challenge in the Opening Your Gifts Facebook group, where we've been exploring our past and present passions, healing passion, the sacredness of passion and more. You're still welcome to join the group and explore it for yourself, as well as the previous week's seven special words we gifted ourselves, and then tucked away to be opened later. This week we're celebrating! Not only do we have a full moon to look forward to on Wednesday morning around 8:30 Eastern time, but it's also known as a Super Moon and a Blood Moon, or even a Super Blood Moon! Before you get too creeped out, I'll share my geeky love of etymology and let you know that the words

The Incredible Gift of 2018

The best thing about 2018 for me so far is... the whole year! I feel like I've been given the whole year trussed up in gift-wrapping and served on a silver platter. I also feel like I've been given a magical cosmic job description. And I couldn't be happier. On the last Friday of 2017, just a couple days before the end of the year, it hit me. The Calm & Confident Holiday Wellness program I'd started before Thanksgiving and was still running - it was only the beginning! I had started it without knowing exactly how it would end or what would follow. I just work intuitively that way anymore. I get an inspirational download that sparks my interest and I go with it, see what happens, and t

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