Gathering the Flowers of 2017

At the beginning of this year I came across a Facebook post I just knew I never wanted to forget. There were a few things I really did want to forget at that point, like the state of shock that had presided since early November, and yet I was still hopeful, and outraged, and excited to see so many people coming together to collectively steer the ship of our larger community in the direction of democracy, inclusivity, safety and respect for all. It’s been an uphill struggle for sure and far from over, but incredible inroads of progress have been made, and I am so grateful and once again, as a new year dawns, hopeful. That Facebook post is a cartoon showing two characters discussing the pros

"Reiki - Every Day!"

This is naturally a foundation of Holiday Wellness for me. I practice Reiki energy healing on myself as soon as I wake up every day, whether for a few minutes or an hour - combined with meditation, visualization, relaxation, yoga and ritual, or just a "quickie" before getting up and heading out the door by 5:45 a.m., which I do a couple days a week. I find it helps me to wake up, and it certainly starts my day in a positive attitude. Then I often use Reiki and other practices here and there throughout the day to relieve tension, give my mind a break, boost my energy, etc. Reiki is simply amplified Essential life energy, which is the Divine spark in each of us that gives us life. During Reiki

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