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Awakening to the Priestess Path

The priestess is awakening in the world!

She is an archetype that lives in every one of us, and she is ready to bless you with her magic and power.

Her tools and techniques are founded in ancient mysteries and practices, yet we are creating them anew for this magnificent and challenging moment in history, in our world.

You already have the ability within you to awaken her presence in your life, yet somehow the path to that awakening remains just out of the grasp of your consciousness.

In my very diverse spiritual studies and experiences, I have discovered ways modern women can access the power and joy of the priestess through simple yet deeply profound experiences and study, based on effective spiritual growth practices that will enable you to turn your life into an empowering ritual.  I am here to guide you down this exciting and fulfilling path into the essence of your power and purpose in this life: Awakening to the Priestess Path.

Here are 3 ways you can access the wisdom and guidance of A2PP:

  • Order Awakening to the Priestess Path Flash Course Ebook to start exploring your Divine feminine power through beautiful lessons and images.

  • A one-month A2PP Flash Course will give you a taste of your potential with guidance, Reiki healing energy, an online sister circle and an introductory 13-part course.

  • Contact me, Dawn Hancy, for a personal Discovery session to discuss these and other options to help you decide what is most empowering, healing and supportive for you now.  I'm always developing wonderful new programs and fun ways to help awaken your inner priestess.  The priestess in me loves to play and celebrate as well as work and learn!

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