Awakening to the Priestess Path

Discover Awakening to the Priestess Path and meet your guide, Dawn Hancy, in this video invitation below.

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What is this program,

Awakening to the Priestess Path?

A2PP is a 6-month intensive program for any woman who wants to deepen her spiritual path, live her practice & unleash her Divine essence upon the world.

The A2PP program will include 2 live retreats in beautiful Vermont, an independent 13-week online study course, a supportive sister circle, personal coaching - all super-charged with Reiki distance healing sessions.

You will learn basic ritual format, elements & correspondences you can apply to any area of your life, growth & practice.  With these tools & skills you can create the life you want, transform your world & manifest your Divine purpose, living from your center, your Divine self.

This is a unique program designed for women who want to live as spiritual leaders in their own lives & expand their positive impact on the world at this critical moment in history - and herstory!  You know who you are.

Cultivate & Integrate

~ sacred connection with the Earth

~  feminine spiritual  leadership

~ your own practical, magical  life!

  • Develop your natural intuition & learn to work with it consciously every day.

  • Discover how the power of the ritual cycle can shape your world & your life.

  • Connect with a sisterhood that supports & nurtures your individual growth.

  • Enjoy ever greater health & well-being supported by regular Reiki treatments.

  • Learn, grow & explore in your own unique way with personal guidance along with a structured format you can adapt to your life and learning styles.

  • Retreat to the Green Mountains for a fresh new perspective that helps you connect with Nature & your inner power, then return home to an adventure that continues to unfold in your daily life, integrating what you learn with what you live.

I'm Dawn Hancy, and I'll be your guide in Awakening to the Priestess Path.  I’ll bring influences, teachings & traditions from Reiki, Unitarian Universalism, Wicca, Druidry, Christianity, Buddhism, Spiritualism, yoga, motherhood, librarianship, music, urban & rural homesteading & more.  

If this calls to you, please contact me to explore this program further or click the button to the right if you are ready to register for the A2PP program.

I'm interested in Awakening to the Priestess Path, and yet...


If you're intrigued by the chance to deepen your own feminine Divine power yet hesitate because of logistics, cost or unanswered questions, please contact me & I'll be happy to chat with you to help you decide what's right for you.

   We journey endlessly to reach the    destination that is within us. 

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Is Awakening to the Priestess Path  for you?


If you're on a spiritual or religious path already & want to bring more vitality to your practice & spiritual community...

If you are seeking a new and authentic way to develop & express your unique feminine spirituality...

If your path is eclectic or sporadic & you want to ground your practice in a form that is strong & supportive yet allows you freedom...

If you're wanting to blend your love & concern for the Earth with your spiritual life...

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From previous participants:

"Today's lesson is the clearest definition of divination that I have ever read."

"I love your perspectives and the way you convey the meanings of God and Goddess. I must say that I loved the God lesson as I felt incredibly comfortable and easy afterwards."

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