Perhaps you are already a follower of the way of Spirit in Nature, a Priestess even, and seek sister-fellows to journey on this path with you, beyond the tradition of your training and initiation into realms of shared challenge and resource where your tradition is welcome yet only the beginning.


Perhaps you are a minister seeking to bring your congregation to an authentic experience of the trinity of Nature, Spirit & Humanity without ever leaving your religion, but diving deeper into it, into its roots, into your own spiritual power.


Perhaps you are a mother, desiring to create a home sanctuary, a sacred hearth for your family, where your children can thrive in their spiritual education which provides them with guidance and instruction while preserving and enhancing their innate intuitive abilities, encouraging a deeper spiritual relationship with your partner.


Perhaps you are an activist working for legal or economic justice, wanting transformation that comes from the heart and soul more than just intellect and legislation and lobbying, transcending conflict and fear-based power grabbing and cultivating cooperation, justice, inclusive participation and healing.


Perhaps you are a student or young adult, looking forward into your future and seeing glorious sparkling visions amid the midst of turmoil and challenge that awaits you - and you want to be ready to face it, knowing already that you have within deep and vast power as a woman, needing only safe space and guidance to nurture it to maturity.


Perhaps you are a professional working in a large corporation or small business, wanting to bring more fullness to your work and life, knowing you have more to offer and to gain than just a paycheck or even a raise or promotion, something deeper, more magical, in service to humanity and the Earth.


Perhaps you are at home in the wilderness, knowing instinctively the sacredness of Nature yet lacking a language to express Her truths in human company, and seeking a language in which to bring the wisdom of the open fields, mountains, deserts and seas into the human community.


Welcome, all...

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