Pricing & Payment Options for Awakening to the Priestess Path

My intention is to welcome everyone who feels called to Awakening to the Priestess Path in the way that is right for each of you, at the right time, regardless of ability to pay full price.  To this end, I have created various levels of pricing, with additional barter options available as well.  Please contact me if you are interested in this program - if it right for you & you are right for the program, we will work something out.

Full price for A2PP is $5,000.  Deposit = $800 + 6 payments = $700 each.

Half-price for A2PP is $2,500.  Deposit = $400 + 6 payments = $350 each.


Quarter-price for A2PP is $1,250.  Deposit = $200 + 6 payments = $175 each.


One-tenth-price for A2PP is $500.  Deposit = $80 + 6 payments = $70 each.

There are also opportunities for apprenticeships with Essential Arts as a work-study option.

I also encourage you to raise the funds to support your education in A2PP and raise awareness at the same time.  If you start a crowd-funding campaign, hold a bake sale or provide services for your friends & family in exchange for a donation toward the program, you also get a chance to communicate with them about the importance of awakening the priestess archetype at this moment in history, and to give them an opportunity to participate tangentially where they might not feel ready to commit to such a program.  And thus our network of learning, caring and mutual support grows!  

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